Have you selected a bassinet to welcome your little gem? If not, then wooden bassinets for babies are here to add glory to your room and balance the nursery themes perfectly. Wooden bassinets are small beds or cribs made from wooden material and provide a safe position for your baby to snuggle.

Without any doubt, these bassinets are safe for babies regarding their material that is non-toxic and long-lasting. The safety associated with wooden bassinets is many folds. They make certain that the baby is sleeping in a separate bed where no suffocation risk is present. All safety guidelines related to safe sleep of the American Academy of Pediatrics have been met.

Our Top Pick

Wood Baby Cradle

  • Provide rocking movement
  • Safe & Durable
  • Act as a stationary bassinet
wooden bassinets for babies

In addition, to provide a safe place for babies, they also give rocking movements that calm the baby. One of our favorite bassinets is the Wood Baby Cradle that is made of pinewood. It provides rocking movements to soothe the baby when required. It acts as a stationary bassinet by putting the stabilizer pin.

Wooden bassinet for babies

This easy to assemble unit is among top-rated models in terms of its safety and durability, which is discussed further in its review section.

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List of Best Wood Bassinets & Cradles

Bassinets Products Features Price
Top Pick
Wood Baby Cradle
Wood Baby Cradle
  • Stationary bassinet
  • Stable and durable
  • Spacious bassinet
Rocking Cradle
  • Rocking Cradle
  • Perfect Mattress for a bassinet
  • Non-toxic finishing
Wooden Bassinet
  • Four castor wheels
  • Stand-alone bassinet
  • Side mesh allow airflow
Portable Bassinet
  • Good in quality
  • Eye-catching colors
  • Green guard Gold certified
Basket Bassinet
  • Lightweight
  • Rocker bassinet
  • Sturdy
Convertible Crib
  • Adjustable height of the mattress
  • Made of durable pinewood material
  • Easy to set up
Convertible Mini Crib
Convertible Mini Crib
  • Mattress adjustable for height
  • Meet all safety standards
  • Come in 7 different finishes

We have selected the 7 best wooden bassinets and gave their reviews to facilitate you. The inclusion of these products in our list is based on their functionality, safety for babies, and higher positive remarks.

Our efforts to help you in picking the best wooden bassinet for your baby are not limited here. Our buying guide will further assist you in targeting the features that a buyer should consider before buying.

1. Wood Baby Cradle – Best Wooden Bassinet

wooden bassinets for babies

Green frog presents this model as a simpler but elegant bassinet that complements your room. Its structures consisted of concrete, wooden panels, and straight lines to make it a stable unit for the baby to rest. Its cross-shaped base assists in providing rocking movements to infants.

This wooden swinging bassinet provides rocking motions for the baby to sleep in this bassinet while enjoying gentle movements. You can make it a stationary unit and stop the bassinet’s rocking motions by using the stabilizer. Thus, the stabilizer acts to switch the rocker bassinet into a stationary bassinet.

Stabilizing bars further provide stability to this wooden bassinet. Hence, moms can put their trust in these bassinets as their materials, construction, and functions are all designed to add safety and stability to these bassinets.

It is easy to assemble, and one can get all tools required for its setting. Moreover, you can get a mattress with it that is suitable for its dimensions to provide comfortable bedding to little-born babies. Infants up to 25 pounds and 6 months of age can rest in it easily.


  • Rocking as well as stationary bassinet
  • Stable and durable
  • Spacious bassinet


  • Mattress provided with it is thin

Bottom line:

This rocker and a stationary traditional bassinet for babies are highly stable unit that makes the initial first six months of your baby’s life soothing. And it helps the mother carry their baby while she is recovering after childbirth. Pinewood used in this bassinet with non-toxic finishing has made it a quality product.

2. Dream On Me Cradle – Best for Rocking

Wooden bassinets for babies

Wood bassinets for babies are not easily movable, but this wooden bassinet cradle is movable due to its lightweight, i.e., 17.5 pounds, so we consider this portable cradle as our favorite bassinet.

You can easily assemble and disassemble this space, saving the cradle in a few minutes. It requires not much space to place this bassinet, so if you are out of space, you can disassemble this unit when not in use.

This automatic cradle rocks gently to provide a safe sleep to newborn babies. When the baby falls asleep, you can easily stop this rocking cradle. Its materials and design are safe for babies. No pointed pattern or anything that harms the newborn baby is used in its design. Babies up to 20 pounds can easily accommodate this bassinet.

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  • High-quality material i.e. pine wood
  • Rocking Cradle
  • Perfect Mattress for a bassinet
  • Non-toxic finishing


  • Wheels are not present for its movement

Bottom line:

This ergonomically designed bassinet is best known for its safety features and portability. Its rocking movements gently put the baby to a peaceful sleep. You can make this automatic rocking cradle into a static bassinet by putting its pin to one side.

3. Arm’s Reach Wooden bassinet for babies – White Wooden Bassinet

wooden bedside bassinet

The Cambria white wooden bedside bassinet has dual modes. This bassinet can be attached to the bed with a strap present in the bassinet to make it a co-sleeper during the night.

This co-sleeper is a convenient option for mothers to satisfy the baby’s midnight feeds during the phase when recovering from childbirth. While its stand-alone mode is also easy to move as its four caster wheels allow it to move anywhere.

From its side mesh, parents can have clear visibility of their neonates, and enough circulation of air is regulated by its mesh, thus making the baby have a sound sleep in a breezy environment. Regarding age recommendations, it is suitable for babies up to five months.


  • Four castor wheels
  • Co-sleeper as well as stand-alone bassinet
  • Side mesh allow airflow


  • Mattress quality is not too good

Bottom line:

Arm’s Reach has made it by focusing on ease for mothers. Its wheels allow the bassinet to pull it next to the mother’s bed during the night to nurse the baby. The elegant design bassinet has round corners that prevent any contact injuries. Moreover, it has a side mesh that gives soothing sleep to the baby in an airy environment. 

4. Archie Portable Bassinet – Wooden Bassinet on Wheels

Wooden Bassinet Cradle

Archie Portable Bassinet has wheels that make it a portable item that is easy to roll anywhere. The wheels are removable, making this bassinet a stable unit when there is no need to move this bassinet. Due to its portability, it can be moved next to the parent’s bed during night time to provide a safe co-sleeping option. While mothers can keep the babies near them while doing home chores.

So this portable bassinet is best for mothers who want to keep their babies with them every time. Imagine you are doing your chores in the kitchen or sitting in the lounge, and at the same time, the baby spits up milk or feels the need to change the baby’s clothes.

In such a case, you’d feel convenient if all baby’s essentials are placed in his bassinet’s storage shelf. With this bassinet, a storage shelf is present that keeps all baby’s products. High-quality pinewood used in its construction and non-toxic, lead-free finishing makes this bassinet safe and free from chemicals. This wooden bassinet cradle comes with a 1 waterproof inch pad.


  • Good in quality
  • Eye-catching colors
  • Green guard Gold certified and chemical-free


  • Pad is not firm
  • Expensive

Bottom line:

This portable bassinet provides convenience to parents to move the bassinet as it has wheels and also a storage shelf to place the baby’s essentials. Cradle gently put the bay to a peaceful sleep. This product is chemical free and safe for babies to play and sleep in it.

5. Rocking Moses Basket – Wooden Rocking Bassinet

wooden bassinet for babies

If you want to place Moses basket in a wooden bassinet for babies, this rocking bassinet stand is a great choice. Once you have fixed Moses basket in it, the bassinet rocks to lull your baby into a comfortable sleep.

This bassinet is easy to put together. Its bonus point is that it allows the baby to rest in it with his comfortable Moses. So, it provides a stand to place the baby along with its comfortable bedding. It is important to mention that it can hold the Moses baskets 30 – 33.5 inches in length and width of 13 – 13.5 inches.

Hardwood used in its construction is sturdy and makes this wooden baby bassinet rocker a durable unit. It gives you a chance to match this bassinet with your room’s furniture by painting it according to your room’s theme. Moreover, this 5.7 pounds lightweight unit is portable.


  • Lightweight
  • Rocker bassinet
  • Sturdy
  • Stylish and fit for nursery themes


  • Not suitable for larger Moses basket

Bottom line:

A little bundle of joy can have a safe and pleasant sleep in this rocker. The baby can enjoy rocking movements in the Moses basket that is placed 14 inches above the floor. Moreover, this lightweight bassinet has high maneuverability.

6. 7 in 1 Convertible Lifestyle Crib – Wooden Co Sleeper Bassinet

Wooden Bassinet Crib

Dream on Me is one of those brands that have prioritized the babies’ safety and introduced seven different options in a single unit. For infants, it is the perfect crib where babies can have a safe sleep. After buying the rail for it, you can put this rail for baby safety and convert it into a toddler bed. When babies have arrived at preschool age, then the daybed made from this crib provides a relaxing position to children where they can sleep.

Moreover, it can be converted into a twin bed and an adult bed, each with two setup options. It has a length of 58 inches, a width of 29 inches, and a height of 39 inches. In terms of these dimensions, when used as an adult bed, it is spacious enough to accommodate adults as well. From its 5 different finishes, you can choose the color that best suits your nursery theme.

This sturdy unit is made from pinewood of New Zealand and is durable, and has a comfortable mattress that fits well. Its mattress provides four positions that can be adjusted as the baby grows. This 40 pounds item has a weight recommendation to carry up to 50 pounds of weight.


  • Adjustable height of the mattress
  • Made of durable pinewood material
  • Easy to set up


  • Bed frame and rail for toddlers are not available in this unit

Bottom line:

This colorful crib is the best choice for parents who want to buy a highly versatile unit. Its flexibility to convert it into different styles make it fit for babies of different age groups. After buying this pocket-friendly crib, you can become hassle-free by buying more cribs for your future babies.

Moreover, its silhouette design and elegant appearance make it a sophisticated crib.

7. 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib – Solid Wood Bassinet

Wooden Cradle for Babies

This convertible wooden crib is made from pinewood and is a durable and strong crib that grows with your babies. For infants, it is the best sleeping place where little ones can have a sound nap. It is easy to convert this mini crib into twin beds and daybeds by attaching rails with it.

Its comfortable mattress has a 1-inch mattress pad, and one can adjust the height of the mattress up to 3 different levels. Its seven different colors and modern design make it an alluring crib and bed for infants and toddlers.

You can rely on this crib in terms of safety as its materials are non-toxic and certified by JPMA. Recommended weight guidelines are up to 50 pounds. Now let’s have a look at its dimensions. This wooden 4 in 1 convertible mini crib is 39 inches in length, 28 inches in width, and 37 inches in height with 18 pounds of item weight.


  • Presents four convertible options
  • Mattress adjustable for height
  • Meet all safety standards
  • Come in 7 different finishes


  • Bed rails or kits are sold separately

Bottom line:

This modern design wooden crib is suitable for babies who sleep in cribs. Simultaneously, for preschool children, it is converted into twin size beds and mini beds. Due to its multi-functionality, it is highly recommended. Moreover, this mini crib requires less space and is perfect for compact rooms.

Types of Wood Bassinet

Wooden bassinets for babies are present in a variety of designs and styles. Based on their characteristics, they can be divided into the following types.

  • Stationary wooden bassinet
  • Rocking wooden Cradles and bassinets
  • Bedside wooden bassinet
  • Basket wooden sleepers

Classic Stationary wooden bassinet

These classic style bassinets are static and do not provide any rocking movements. These types of bassinets are usually more stable with a wide base. Some models have wheels attached to a stationary unit that lets them move easily.

Rocking wooden bassinets

These wooden rocking bassinets provide rocking motions to soothe the baby to fall into a comfortable sleep. Some models have a pin to stop the movements and make them stationary. To provide rocking movements, these bassinets usually require some clearance and are placed a bit distance away from the parent’s bed.

Bedside wooden bassinet:

This type of wooden bassinet is more prevalent due to the ease provided by them. Mothers can place the baby next to them in these wooden bedside bassinets and fulfill the baby’s demands during the night.

Basket wooden sleepers

Moses baskets to carry newborn babies are lightweight and portable. They offer the ability to put them in stands provided with their some models. Rattan bassinets are less expensive and provide cozy sleep to babies.

Wooden Co Sleeper Bassinet Buying Guide

What is the safe place for babies to provide a comfortable sleep? This question leads the parents to consider the bassinet for little babies. Once they have chosen the bassinet, then a further concern arises about the bassinet’s material, i.e., whether to select a plastic, wooden or metallic bassinet.

Wooden bassinets for babies are adventitious over others in many aspects, so many parents prefer to choose these bassinets. But while choosing such bassinets, many points came forward that are important to buy. This buying guide will clear many queries regarding what to see in the wooden bassinet while buying bassinets.


In a wooden swinging bassinet, there is greater breathability. They are designed to give greater air exchange through their sides that mostly have line patterns gaps in them. Moreover, its sides are made of mesh that also allows adequate airflow.

Fitting of Mattress:

The mattress should be well fitted and does not allow any space between the mattress and sides of the bassinet.

Considering this factor, you can save your baby from many injuries. The maximum gap between the mattress and sides of the bassinet should be of two fingers. Select a bassinet that does not require extra blankets and sheets to make the bedding fit for the bassinet as extra bedding can lead to suffocation

Materials used in mattress:

Chemical-free material used in mattresses saves the baby from many health-related disorders, e.g., breathing problems, skin reactions, and irritation. While selecting the bassinet, it should be noted that its material should be free from any chemical toxins.


Consider the stability of a wooden bassinet as your main concern while buying such units. It should be sturdier, stable, and does not tip over. A balance should be maintained between its stability and movement without compromising each other.


Generally speaking, wooden bassinets take more space than metallic ones, but they are sturdier than later ones. So it is recommended to measure the dimensions of your room before buying it. With that said, you will be facilitated to get the wooden bassinet to opt for your available space in the room.

Structure and design:

Some bassinets came with different sharp or pointed designs that have greater potential to cause an injury. So while choosing a bassinet, avoid these types of models. Bassinets with curved or rounded sides are safe to use and should be given value while buying the bassinet.

Shades and canopies:

If you get shades and canopies in a wooden bassinet, then it is a good deal. Canopies and shades not only prevent harsh lights but also help to secure the baby from many harmful agents.

Ease to assemble:

Many wooden bassinet cradles have little parts that require some effort and time to put together. Setting up the bassinet is usually a daunting task for some individuals. Select a model that requires little effort to assemble and provide the ease to assemble the unit.

Ease to clean:

It should be easy to clean the bassinet as well as the mattress and its sheet. To clean the bassinet frame, it should allow the wipe-clean option to protect it from germs. As far as cleaning the mattress is concerned, bassinets with a removable mattress and machine washable should be chosen.


To get a long lasting bassinet that runs from generation to generation, focus on those models made of durable wood. Pinewood bassinets are considered sturdier, and many handmade wood bassinets are not far behind their high quality. Moreover, wooden bassinets that have fine and non-toxic finishing can provide safety from many health hazards.

Space friendly:

Due to their large size, wooden bassinets use much space, but many wooden bassinet models are space-friendly.


Bassinets of any type should be chosen while considering their safety features.

Its firm construction, lockable wheels, ventilated environment, and skin friendly material are the main features that a buyer should consider while choosing a bassinet.


Wooden bassinets that are lightweight and have wheels are worthy of buying as they provide the ability to move these units.


Ensure that the unit you are selecting has an option to make it a wooden bedside bassinet as they are more demanding bassinets.

Bassinets should provide an option to make it a co-sleeper during the night and a stand-alone bassinet during day time.

Rocking motions:

To give infants soothing and comfortable sleep, consider a wooden rocking bassinet that gently rocks the baby.

Bassinet cradles and rockers are given priority to many other models, and getting these models is a great idea for parents.


It should be kept in mind that wooden bassinets for babies came in different price ranges with different features.

Select the bassinet that gives you paramount features at your budget


Make sure to buy the wooden bassinet that gives you a warranty for a long time. In case any damage to the bassinet occurred, it allows the warranty to replace or repair that loss.

Opt for weight and age:

Different models can accommodate babies of different weights and ages. So select the wooden bassinet that is suitable for your baby in terms of age and weight recommendations.

FAQs for Wooden Cradle

In terms of longevity, wooden bassinets have a longer life than competitive ones. Wood is a robust material that has the potential to stay for a long time. Considering safety features, wooden bassinets for babies are safer as they are made of non-toxic material.

They are more durable and sturdier than plastic or metallic ones. The last but most important benefit of the wooden bassinet is that the wooden bassinet’s fate is that it can be recycled as it is made of natural material, i.e., wood.

There is a wrong myth about babies’ wooden bassinets that they came in heavyweight models and can not be moved. Depending upon the weight of bassinets and the facility of wheels provided with them, we can move them from one place to another. Lightweight models with wheels are easy to move around

Yes, wooden bassinets for babies can be attached to beds or used as bedside wooden bassinets. The side railing can be used to attach with the bed, and through nylon straps, one can secure them with the bed.

Wooden bassinet cradles that provide rocking motions are safe for babies if they follow all guidelines of sleep safety of the American Academy of Pediatrics. In addition to following these safety guidelines, their infrastructure should be stable. Lastly, babies up to six months are safe to place in these wooden bassinets.


Bassinets are a safe option for babies to provide healthy and safe sleep to babies. They are made of many materials, but wooden bassinets for babies are chemical-free and sturdier. The seven best wooden bassinets mentioned in this article are unique in their features. You’ll not regret it if you choose the one from this list. To make it a bit easier, we’d suggest you prioritize your demands and then select the best fit model.

Furthermore, Wood Baby Cradle is highly recommended as it is a rocker and a stationary bassinet made of sturdy material.

Dream On Me Rocking Cradle is a perfect automatic rocker bassinet that is lightweight and pushes the baby into sweet dreams.

If you are opting for a wooden bedside bassinet, Arm’s Reach Wooden bassinet for babies is a must-have model that is easy for mothers to attach with their beds and have castor wheels that allow it to move anywhere. Other than these, Dream on Me is the leading brand that presents 7-in-1 Convertible Lifestyle Crib and 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Cribs high in demand.

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