Are you recovering after childbirth and want a convenient place for babies where you can nurse them easily? The best bassinet for breastfeeding is helpful for moms during those tough days when she is recovering after childbirth.

During the postpartum phase, mothers suffer from different mood swings. This is the period of life when moms start caring less for themselves.

They often get worried about their little babies and want to keep them as close as possible. But at the same time mothers want to save their babies from the possible dangers of co-sleeping.

So best bassinets for breastfeeding moms provide a safe sleep to babies as an alternative to co-sleeping and meet the requirements of the American Academy of Pediatrics to provide safe co-sleeping.

It is a major fact that babies who are breastfed nourish more than those who are not breastfed. Knowing that fact 80% of moms feed their babies to fulfill the basic needs of little gems. 

During the initial phase after childbirth, mothers find it difficult to get out of bed to nurse the babies who frequently wake up during the night and ask for milk.

To help mothers during this tough phase bedside bassinets are proved to be beneficial for moms as they offer height adjustability features that let the mothers approach the baby without putting a strain on the back thereby preventing the backache.

If you are in a hurry then we would recommend you to think about Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper that is a safe bassinet for babies with seven adjustability height options.

Our Top Pick

Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper

  • 7 Adjustable height points
  • Very safe
  • Durable
  • Direct approach to baby
Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding

Through its one side moms can reach the babies directly and have an eye on their little angels resting in breezy and comfortable areas.

Other top rated bassinets are listed below.

List of 8 Best co sleeper for breastfeeding

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Gone are the days when we buy any product based on verbal recommendations. Now we do not rely on words of mouth only as with the advent of technology, various methods have been introduced to select the best products.

The selection of the best product has been made easy for buyers.

So we have narrowed down the top eight best co sleeper for breastfeeding that are highly rated. Moreover, these highly reviewed products are selected by considering all worth buying features that a person should consider in a bassinet.

1. Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper – Best for Breastfeeding

Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding

One of the main features of the best bassinet for breastfeeding moms is that it should allow unrestricted access of babies to moms. Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper lacks the wall between baby and mother thereby allowing the mother to directly reach the baby. It is equally suitable for moms and for those who have undergone C-sections. Moms can reach the baby’s essentials placed in their side pockets while lying in the bed.

You can adjust its height up to seven levels and attach it to your bed with two fastening straps thus making it the best bedside bassinet for breastfeeding. To provide a clear view of the baby it is made of mesh side walls that also let the proper airflow in the bassinet.

Besides using it as a bedside bassinet moms can also use this bassinet as a portable bassinet. It has two built-in wheels that are durable and have brakes to make sure of its safety. For traveling this bassinet can be carried everywhere without worrying about its assembly as it is easy to assemble. You can slide its wheels under the bed while using it as a bedside bassinet. For this purpose, a slight clearance is needed for the bed from the ground.


  • Suitable for babies up to 33 lb. in weight
  • Allow easy access to babies as it lacks sidewall
  • Seven height adjustability options allow it to level up with parent’s bed
  • Fastening straps to secure it with bed
  • Easy to setup the unit
  • Movable and have built in wheels


  • Not surrounded by mesh all around
  • Base is not sturdier

Bottom line   

Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper is designed to provide ease to lactating mothers so that they can feed their babies without bending or moving out of bed. In addition, it is mobile and portable so it is also suitable for outdoors.

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2. Arm’s Reach Bassinet  – Best for babies

best bassinet for C-section

Arm’s Reach introduced the concept of safe co sleeping for parents and babies in their own separate places. With this co-sleeper all the health advantages related to co-sleeping without bed sharing can be gained. So this co-sleeper bassinet makes your baby free from the side effects of co-sleeping. This is a great concept for extra conscious moms to take care of their babies placed in their room but on his bed.

Since it can be attached with nylon straps to the mom’s bed so during the phase when moms are recovering after childbirth, this best bassinet for C-section prevents the mothers to bend and lean over the baby in order to lift him up for feeding. With built-in leg extensions, you can adjust its height according to your bed level and keep a safe distance between you and your little babies.

One more unique feature of this co-sleeper bassinet is that it has a sidewall that can be lowered or raised when needed. You can lock the sidewall in either an upright position or a lowered level. Furthermore, its mesh sidewalls add more convenience to parents as they provide a clear view of the baby and also they make certain that the baby is sleeping in a ventilated place.

Now for placing baby’s little items in a nearby place, Arm’s Reach Bassinet for babies has side pockets and a spacious storage area at the bottom of it. That makes it easy to access the baby’s essentials placed at a distance of an arm’s reach.

You can move this freestanding bassinet anywhere as it features lockable wheels that help to move it around. This sturdy bassinet is made up of wooden material. Aesthetically this elegant bassinet with a stylish appearance is a great pick for your room as it suits well with any kind of furniture.


  • Drop down sides mesh wall
  • Nylon straps to attach it with parent’s bed
  • In built leg extensions
  • Sturdy construction
  • Safe and comfortable for babies
  • Stylish design


  • The mattress is thin and not so good

Bottom line   

Moms can reach the baby easily, placed in a co-sleeper bassinet, to nurse them during midnight. This would be able due to its mesh drop downside that can be lowered or raised as desired. This stylish bassinet is portable and can be used as a freestanding bed with side pockets attached to it that stores baby’s little products.

3. SNOO Smart Sleeper – Best in bed co sleeper

snoo bassinet

Are bassinets smart enough to detect the cries of babies? Yes our SNOO Smart sleeper, as the name suggests, is a smart bassinet with many smart features. This smart bassinet automatically detects the state of babies; i.e. crying or fussy babies, sleeping babies, or hungry babies so accordingly provides swings.

For example, a sleeping baby needs gentle rocking motions to have a sound sleep so the SNOO Smart sleeper provides the exact response to them by providing them soft swings. While the jiggles provided by SNOO Smart Sleeper for a crying baby are relatively faster.

The built-in swaddle of SNOO makes sure that the baby sleeps comfortably in his place and does not roll over. So here the safety feature of this bassinet has been aced and made among the top-rated safe bassinets for babies. 

As mentioned before, the SNOO bassinet detects the cry of babies. Here this role is played by its microphones that detect cries and then respond by giving swings and producing three different white noise sounds. These sounds also vary for sleeping babies and weeping babies. Through a mobile app designed for this model, the parents can customize its settings.


  • Safest unit
  • Automatic and smart technology
  • Provide more sleep to parents and babies
  • Built in swaddle
  • Mobile app offers customized settings of bassinet


  • Expensive
  • Not worthy for those babies who are natural sleepers

Bottom line   

This best in bed co sleeper is suitable for babies up to 6 months of life. This natural sleep training aid is good for babies who have disturbed sleeping patterns. Moreover, it also enables the parents to get sound sleep. This is the first bassinet that has included all the safety features of safe sleep. The most convincing feature of this bassinet is that it lets the moms know via its app whenever the little chick needs them.

4. Skylar Bedside Sleeper – Attachable Bassinet

safest bassinet

Cloud Baby Bassinet presents this safest bassinet that fulfills the Consumer Product Safety Regulations. This safest baby co-sleeper bassinet is made of sturdy material that is strong and durable. It has an aluminum frame with a wide base that makes it a stable unit. In addition to sturdy construction, it is perfectly designed to ensure the safety of the babies by eliminating the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Since it has double mesh sides you can detach one side by unzipping its side panel mesh in order to reach the baby. So it is a great idea to grab the baby to nurse him. Through its mesh walls, you can have an eye on your little baby resting in his comfort area. Also, the side walls enable the baby to breathe in an airy spot.

In our daily life, we sit on different surfaces that vary in their sitting heights so a bassinet that offers adjustable height is a great choice as it allows the parents to see and reach the baby clearly placed at their sightline. This best bassinet for breastfeeding has an adjustable height up to 9 levels so adjusting its height suitable to the parent’s bed allows the moms to conveniently nurse the babies. In a mere second you can assemble this unit and make it ready to move anywhere.

To lull the baby to sleep there is a music box that soothes the baby resting on the comfy mattress of this comfortable bassinet. Moreover, two removable toys are one step ahead to entertain the baby and to stimulate his senses as well.


  • Nine adjustable heights
  • Detachable side mesh wall
  • Breezy and well ventilated
  • Sturdy base
  • Easy assembly
  • Washable mattress


  • Expensive
  • Some babies feel the music box a bit annoying

Bottom line   

It offers the best way to co-sleep in a separate space without breaching the safety guidelines. It offers height adjustment to nine levels so moms can feed the baby by reaching him through its detachable side.

5. Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper – Table top bassinet

arm's reach bassinet

The moment you come home from the hospital after childbirth you need a safe co-sleeper bassinet. So arm’s reach bassinet is here to save your baby from potential risks of SIDS. It guarantees the safety of babies as it has mesh sidewalls that provide the proper visibility of babies resting in breezy spots.

Moreover, its mesh is made of breathable fabric that maintains the temperature of babies and avoids overheating. As a free standing bassinet, it is stable enough to accommodate babies up to 5 months of age.

Also, moms can easily feed their littles babies by attaching one side with straps to the bed thereby making it a bedside bassinet. It’s very painful for moms with C-sections to bend and approach the baby so its adjustable height allows moms to take benefit of this valuable feature.

Although it is a  great choice for moms who want to use a bedside sleeper that makes it easy for them to feed their little babies. But this versatile bassinet is not limited to use as a freestanding or a bedside bassinet.

However, it is portable having four castor wheels makes it easy for moms to move this bassinet anywhere. Its stylish and neutral design makes it suitable for all kinds of rooms and it has a large storage space where moms can place little items of infants.


  • Large side panels provide proper airflow
  • Babies can be seen clearly through its mesh
  • Can be attached with parent’s mattress
  • Area to store baby’s items


  • Limited designs

Bottom line   

This popular pick is breezy and comfortable for babies. For moms, it has a spacious storage place to keep baby’s items and presents two modes i.e. freestanding and bedside bassinet. Also, its portability feature is worth convincing.

6. Baby Delight Beside Me – Bassinet that hooks to bed

best bedside bassinet for breastfeeding

One of the main priorities of mothers after giving birth to their babies is to offer them a safe and easily accessible place for them where the little one can rest. From its breathable mesh, proper circulation of air is maintained and it provides an airy environment for babies to sleep.

Baby Delight Beside Me offers this convenience to parents as it can be used as a bedside sleeper and a standalone bassinet. This transition is very easy and within seconds you can convert it from one mode to another. To get unrestricted access to babies just unzip it’s one side and get your baby out of the bassinet to feed them. Furthermore, make its level to the level of your bed by adjusting it to six different levels.

In addition to the aforementioned features, this portable bassinet is light enough and good to move from one place to another. When babies reach up to 20 pounds or 5 months of age it is a time to transition the babies from this bassinet to crib.

Babies at this age mostly show transitional developmental milestones so they are prone to falling in bassinets. So it is advised to shift them to cribs where they can roll easily and freely. It has a firm and comfortable mattress to provide cozy sleep to babies. The sheet of the mattress is machine washable.


  • Bedside Sleeper as well as standalone bassinet
  • Breathable mesh walls
  • Adjustable height
  • Machine washable sheet
  • Easy to set up and requires no tool to assemble this unit


  • Babies above 5 months can not accommodate in this bassinet
  • Expensive

Bottom line   

The bassinet that hooks to bed offers a convenient option to switch its freestanding mode to bedside mode. Adjustable height and airy mesh make it best for moms and provide safe sleep to babies.

7. HALO Bassinet – Nursing rocker

best bassinet for c section

HALO Bassinet offers a safe spot to babies and keeping them close to their beds assures the moms that the little bundle of joy is sleeping next to her on his own sleeping surface. The most fascinating feature that rates HALO Bassinet among top bassinets is that it swivels and rotates around with a full degree of motion i.e. 360°. So with little movement of her baby mom can get her baby out of the bassinet.

Moreover, to further assist the mothers it has a retractable side wall that lowers and then returns to its original position automatically. It requires less space to place this unit and its feet tuck under the bed. Its four-point base makes certain that it retains the maximum level of stability.

Now to soothe the baby there are four sounds that have auto-shutoff options, soft nightlights to stimulate the sleep of the baby, and two vibrations of different intensities.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, this best bassinet for C-section and lactating mothers have one more useful feature. In its storage pockets, you can store all items of babies in it and make them handy when required.


  • Retractable bedside wall
  • Rotates around 360°
  • Stylish design
  • Sturdy and stable base
  • Requires less space
  • Washable mattress and sheet


  • Expensive
  • Thin mattress

Bottom line   

This bassinet is best fit to use after C-section and lactating mothers can take advantage of its swivel feature. Place it next to your bed and sleep soundly without worrying about the risks of SIDS.

8. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet – Bedside bassinet attaches to bed

best co sleeper for breastfeeding

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet includes all essential caring features for babies since it comes in two modes that are bassinet and a  changer.  So making it a perfect ‘Complete Bedside Care Center’

By keeping the baby close to the mother’s changing station allows the moms to change the diapers of babies multiple times. With a push of a button, you can flip the bassinet to a changer. So with a single hand, you can change its mode from bassinet to diaper changer. But to flip it from changer to bassinet you need two hands operation. One hand to squeeze the level and another one to push the button.

Bedside bassinet makes it easy for moms to nurse their babies. Moms can feed the baby placed next to him and also through its mesh sidewalls moms can see the baby clearly. Moreover, the mesh is breathable and prevents suffocation in their sleeping space. One more convenient feature of this bassinet is that it has a large integrated storage space to place all baby essentials. Thus it makes easy access to baby’s items so, during midnight, moms do not need to get out of their bed to get them.

With its four lockable wheels, you can carry your baby placed in it wherever you want. So this portable bassinet gives ease to maneuver its wheels. While moving this portable unit out of home its canopy provides protection from sunlight and also in rooms it provides shade to babies that helps them to sleep calmly.

In addition to this, it has a soothing system that soothes babies. The soothing vibrators have two different speeds of vibrations. These vibrations play a great role to lull the baby to soothing sleep.To entertain the baby it has two toys and the mason fashion if this unit makes it an adorable and well-designed bassinet.


  • Two reversible modes bassinet and diaper changer
  • Canopy and toys
  • Two speed vibrations
  • Portable with lockable wheels
  • Mesh sidewalls
  • Integrated storage
  • Compact size


  • Expensive
  • Additional support is required for its integrated storage

Bottom line   

This cozy and stylish bassinet is the best solution for mothers who do not need to get out of bed to nurse their little babies. Its storage adds more convenience to moms by providing a large area to store baby items. Its dual modes and useful features make it worth having a bassinet.

FAQs for Best Attachable Bassinets for Breastfeeding

There are many benefits of a bassinet; the most important one is that it provides a safe place for babies without bed-sharing. That is why most parents opt for bassinets.

If you have less space in your room then you can still manage to get a bassinet because many brands of bassinets offer their models in different sizes.

Moreover, you can fold the bassinet when not in use, and also the compact models usually take less space.

Best bassinet for breastfeeding in addition to providing ease to mothers also offers many features to comfort the little babies.

Many of them are designed to provide rocking movements and vibrations that soothe the baby. Also, the addition of a canopy, toys, and comfortable mattress makes the bassinets a comfortable area where babies can rest and play.

It depends upon the age of the baby. Bassinets being smaller in size is a suitable option for babies up to 5 months of age and cribs are larger than bassinets so they accommodate babies up to one year of age.

Moreover, it does not matter which snuggling quarter you are using. If it provides safe sleep to babies and also helps the moms to nurse the baby then it is suitable for moms.


Babies are a blessing and moms spend most of their time taking care of their babies while making compromises on their health. Moreover, during the early phase of postpartum, mothers find it painful to move out of bed to nurse the baby.

Out of many bassinets available, the top-rated 8 best bassinets for breastfeeding have featured all safety factors for moms and babies.

Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper is the best bassinet for newborn babies without a sidewall.

Arm’s Reach has coined the term co-sleeping and introduced safe Co-Sleeper bassinets.

Furthermore, you can get a smart bassinet that is an SNOO Smart sleeper that aids to provide healthy sleep to babies.

Halo Bassinet swivels around and is the best solution for moms that feel difficult to get out of bed.

Hopefully, you’ll get your favorite bassinet from this list that helps you to nurse your baby in a pain-free position and also give your baby all the attention he deserves.

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