Newborns keep their mama on their toes all the time. So when they sleep for a while they get to have a peaceful breath. But a baby who keeps waking up every ten minutes is not what a mother wants.

So how can you make the baby sleep longer and that too in their crib? Most of the time babies fall asleep instantly in their arms or on the chest but the moment they are out down in their bassinet they start crying.

How to make bassinet more comfortable

Confused about what to do?

Well if you have checked all the colic symptoms, the baby is well fed and you are sure there is no wet diaper issue then perhaps the bassinet is not welcoming and comfortable enough. So how can you make the bassinet more comfortable and make the baby used to it?

Here is the answer to that and tips to make your baby fall asleep and keep sleeping independently in the crib.

Why is using a bassinet a good idea?

We all have heard from our elders that they are this small once or it’s just the start and the time will pass. But even though you love your child immensely, carrying them 24/7 in your arms is not a possibility. You can co-sleep with them but putting a small baby on the bed is not a good idea. Plus in a bassinet, they can learn to sleep on their own.

In addition to that, a bassinet has additional features like music or vibration that are a lifesaver in case of a fussy baby. Bassinet takes up a small space and you can move it easily anywhere with you so the baby can sleep with you keeping an eye all the time.

Reasons why the baby is not sleeping in the bassinet?

Babies are attached to their mamas and surely they won’t want to get separated, so one of the major reasons that a baby is not sleeping in a bassinet is separation anxiety. Others might be they aren’t cool or warm enough or they are startled by sounds. Colic or gas can be major contributing factors too.

Tips to make bassinet more comfortable for your baby to sleep

Not all bassinets are comfortable for babies or there is not one formula, but keeping care of small things like how thick should the bassinet mattress be or what kind of bassinet pillow you should use can make the crib super comfy for your baby and they can sleep quicker and longer without you on duty. Follow these simple tips to make the bassinet more comfortable:

1. Swaddle the baby

Babies love snuggles and cuddles so swaddling them in a blanket or using a baby sleeping sack can give them the warmth of arms and they are less likely to wake up by startle reflex or get frightened while sleeping.

2. Firm mattress

A super bulky and soft mattress won’t be comfortable for your baby. What they need is a firm surface to rest their back or lie on their chest. Use a firm cotton mattress in which the baby can sleep comfortably. On an extra soft bassinet mattress they will slide or slip down on one place and this can restrict their little movements and they will cry.

3. Light cotton sheets

Fancy Silk, synthetic, or other fabric can cause allergies to babies’ skin or make them heat up. Always use light breathable pure cotton sheets in the bassinet so that the baby’s skin doesn’t get any rash or rubbing plus they are cool and comfy all along.

4. Alter the temperature

Be it summers or winters don’t bundle up your crib with blankets. Learn how to safely lay a blanket in a bassinet and use only one blanket or two for the baby in winter. In summers make sure to use light wrapping sheets only. Check whether the room temperature and environment in the crib are according to the baby’s needs. The too warm or too cold temperature in the bassinet will irritate the baby and won’t let them sleep.

5. White noise, music, and vibration

For making the bassinet more calming and soothing you can use the white noise and vibrations in the bassinet to give them a feel of the womb and they will sleep all night peacefully.

6. Use clothes that smell like you

Babies look out for their mothers and they can recognize their smell, voice, and heartbeat from day one. With vibrations mimicking the heartbeat and arms patting, use your shirt or scarf that you have worn that day and put it in the bassinet or near the baby. This way they can smell your scent and feel like you are near them all the time.

7. Lay them in an inclined or side-lying position

Lying the baby flat on the bassinet can cause them to choke due to spit-ups or improper burping. Use a sloppy pillow or bassinet pad and lay them in an inclined position for ease. You can opt for head support bassinet pillows and slope-shaped bassinet mattresses or pads too.

Final points

Babies are new to the world and getting used to it will take a while. Sleep routine is not only important for the baby’s mood but also for their healthy growth. To develop a good routine and help them sleep peacefully in a bassinet make sure to set up the bassinet the right way and make it as comfortable as possible.

Hopefully, you now got the answer on how to set up the bassinet and make it super comfortable for your baby.

Happy motherhood!

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