When you give birth, you have to ask yourself if your baby should sleep in the bassinets, a co-sleeper, Moses basket, a sling, or in your arms?

Oh, a long list! But what is the best place for a newborn to sleep? I hear you ask. Out of all the sleeping spots, a bassinet is the safest place where a newborn should sleep. Also, bear in mind that your baby can nod off wherever he finds comfort.

where should a news born sleep

Newborn Sleeping Options

Truth be told, babies sleep at the place where they get comfort. But you as a parent shouldn’t overlook the best sleeping options for babies. Some safe sleeping options are:

  • Babies sleeping beds like bassinets and cribs
  • Baby sleeping cradle

Bassinets and Cribs – Right Choice For Comfortable Sleep

A bassinet is a small baby bed that comes in a variety of types and offers multiple functionalities. You can use it as a co-sleeper, a bedside bassinet, a travel bassinet, or a traditional freestanding bassinet. It is the most suitable, safest, and most recommended option for newborns to sleep in.

Besides, you can place your babies in a crib- a large baby bed. Cribs are suitable for babies above six months of age and make a good choice for parents who are confused in choosing a baby sleeping place.

Where Should infant Sleep at Night?

Sudden infant death syndrome is more likely to occur in the first six months of life. For this reason, the babies in these months are more vulnerable. Therefore you should consider the infant’s sleep-related American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) Guidelines.

According to AAP, newborns should sleep in the parent’s room but a separate newborn baby’s bed for the first six months of their life.

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Where Should the Baby Sleep in the Daytime?

During the daytime too, babies should sleep in their parent’s room. Babies sleep for shorter stretches, and they often doze off even in prams, car seats, or anywhere they get comfort. But these snoozes bring forth tons of health hazards to your baby.

Overheating, suffocation, improper body positioning are a few of them. To avoid these hazards, you should place your baby in his Moses basket or bassinet during the daytime naps.

Baby Sleeping Safety Tips

Most of the death cases in newborns are linked with sleep-related causes. Not to be afraid you but to acknowledge you- a study reported the death of 3,700 infants due to sleep-related causes.

Therefore consider the safety tips highlighted by AAP to avoid such unfortunate instances or otherwise to keep your baby safe. Also, if how should infants sleep is your main concern then you should take a peek at the following tips to offer a comfortable sleep to your babies.

  • Place your baby in a separate spot like a bassinet, crib, or cradle near your bed.
  • Provide a firm mattress with a snug fit in his bassinet where your baby can sleep. 
  • Don’t place your baby on the side, avoid too much tummy time and place him on his back.
  • Don’t place any soft objects and loose sheets on his sleeping place.

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Besides implementing the following safety tips:

  • The sleeping spot should be stable and have a wide base to avoid it falling over.
  • A firm and tightly fitted mattress with 15 inches high sides should be placed in the bassinet.
  • Avoid smoking in the room or near your baby.
  • Declutter your baby bed and remove pillows and bumpers.
  • Offer your baby a licensed baby cot, bassinet, or crib that has passed safety standards.
  • Monitor your baby’s room temperature, don’t keep it overheated.

Locations to Avoid

As parents, your priority is to offer a safe, cozy and comfortable sleeping spot to your little gem. Babies need a properly arranged sleeping spot that does not pose serious risks for infants. Some common locations where you should not place your newborns are:

  • Inclined Sleeper
  • Unstable baby crib or bassinet
  • Room furniture
  • Using a sleep positioner
  • Upright sitting seat or carrier

Winner- The Best Place for Newborn to Sleep

Wondering what is the best place for a newborn to sleep? A single word answer, Bassinet!  Of course, it keeps your baby safe and boosts their sleep. A Wisely chosen bassinet offers the womb-like feeling to the baby and saves him from unfortunate instances.

Moreover, it enables the baby to tolerate the switch from bassinet to crib quite easily. When your baby is distributed, has breathing difficulties, or shows signs of discomfort, you can hear them clearly and reach them quickly.

FAQS for Where Should a Newborn Sleep

If your baby is sleeping in a co-sleeper that is placed next to your bed, it is a great option to offer a safe sleep to your baby. But co-sleeping with your baby in your bed is not a safe choice. The same is for bed sharing as it increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. So, it becomes clear that co-sleeping in a separate bed is safe while bed-sharing is hazardous for your baby.

A bedside sleeper is used to place next to your bed and offer a safe sleep to your baby. It offers a lot of benefits to you and your baby.

You can reach out to your baby easily. It is the best possible solution for mothers during the post-cesarean rehabilitation phase to nurse the baby. It fosters parent-child bonding. You can cuddle your baby easily and settle him back to sleep

No, it is one of the unsafe sleeping practices for your newborn. Since neonates need kangaroo care so it is recommended to place them in your room but in a separate bed. Solitary sleeping, sleeping in a different room and different beds, is not recommended for neonates according to the American Academy of Paediatrics Guidelines as it increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


A Baby’s sleep can be considered a precious commodity during the first few months of a baby’s life. Parents who are eagerly waiting to welcome their baby are also much concerned about their baby’s sleeping arrangement.

We, therefore, have eased the task of offering a comfortable position to your baby. This write-up would know the risk associated with a baby’s sleep and help you make the right decision to select a proper sleeping place.

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