Congratulations! You are with your little angel now. But wait! Have you included all your baby’s items in his registry? Well, I am talking about his sleeping cradle bassinet. If you haven’t chosen a bassinet for your baby, let me tell you a simple thing that might help you for a long time.

While buying a bassinet, do consider bassinet weight limit. A bassinet with the highest weight holding capacity can be your baby’s snuggle quarter for a long time. Also, it would save you from spending extra money on changing your baby’s bed after every three months. Are you a bit confused about where to look for the bassinet weight limit?

Relax parents! This write-up has got you covered! In this write-up, your quest to know the bassinet weight limit will be solved. Further, the review section of this write-up helps you choose the best bassinet for your baby. Also, it enables you to know the perks and snags of each bassinet. So, let’s start!

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Bassinet Weight Limit

List of the Bassinet Weight Limit

After rigorous research, I have selected the top-rated bassinets and then included them in my list of bassinet weight limits. Take a peek below to know their weight limit in our honest review section.

Bassinets Products Weight Limit (lbs) Price
Top PickUPPAbaby Bassinet Weight limit UPPAbaby Bassinet
15 – 20 lbs
Budget PickHalo Swivel Bassinet Weight Limit Halo Swivel Bassinet
20 – 30 lbs
Budget PickSwaddleme Bassinet Weight Limit Swaddleme Bassinet
17.5 lbs
Graco Pack n Play Bassinet Weight Limit Graco Pack n Play
20 – 45 lbs
Chicco Bassinet Weight Limit Chicco Bassinet
20 lbs
Delta Bassinet Weight Limit Delta Bassinet
30 lbs
Guava Lotus Bassinet Weight limit Lotus Bassinet
18 lbs
Fisher Price Soothing Motion Bassinet weight limit Fisher Price Soothing Motion
20 lbs
ingenuity foldaway bassinet weight limit Ingenuity Foldaway
15 lbs
Graco Dream Suite Bassinet Weight Limit Graco Dream Suit
30 lbs
Dream On Me Bassinet Weight Limit Dream On Me Bassinet
25 lbs
4moms Playard Bassinet Weight limit 4moms Playard Bassinet
30 lbs
bBaby Bjorn bassinet weight limit Baby Bjorn bassinet
17 lbs
Fisher Price rock n play weight limit Fisher Price rock n play
25 lbs
Arms Reach co-sleeper weight limit Arm’s Reach co-sleeper
30 lbs

1. UPPAbaby Bassinet Weight limit

best convertible bassinet

What’s better than having a bassinet that can be converted into a pram? Whether you are looking for a comfortable sleeping solution for your newborn or wanting to have it for frequent travels, UPPAbaby is your thing.

While enjoying the outdoor adventures, its canopy assures that scorching sunlight or ultraviolet rays won’t affect your baby. Also, its comfortable padded mattress will soothe your baby and give you peace of mind that there won’t be any risk of suffocation.

Talking about the UPPAbaby bassinet weight limit it can hold a maximum of 15-20 pounds of weight. So whenever your baby reaches 20 pounds or 25-inches long you are advised to transit him to the crib.

This stroller as well as a bassinet is perfect for traveling and provides a safe spot for sleep. You can count on this bassinet for the ease and comfort of your baby.

2. Halo Swivel Bassinet Weight Limit

best bassinet for c section

Hunting for the bassinet that offers safe sleep to your newborn baby without making it inconvenient? Halo bassinet swivels around 360° and lets you approach your baby without getting out of bed. Knowing that the Halo swivel bassinet weight limit is 20 pounds, you can assure that it is perfect for your baby during the initial few months. For lactating moms and moms recovering from a c section, it is an ideal choice.

Further, the two side pockets complement the convenience by providing enough spacious space to store many essentials. Plus, you can attach it to your bed and use it as a bedside bassinet. All in all, it is the most suitable space-saving option.

This bassinet swivels can be attached to the bedside and soothes your baby with its calming sounds and vibrations.

3. SwaddleMe Bassinet Weight Limit

Travel friendly Bassinet

This compact yet travel-friendly bassinet is equally suitable outdoors and indoors. SwaddleMe Bassinet Weight Limit varies depending on the type that you are using. When used as a side sleeper, you can place babies without worrying about their weight. But for bed sleepers, it can hold up to 17.5 pounds of weight only.

The lightweight bassinet has mesh sidewalls that allow you to see your baby while ensuring that he will get adequate airflow. Its comfortable fabric adds extra comfort to your baby’s sleep. And that’s all you want for your munchkin.

A swaddleMe bassinet is a compact option for those who have limited space to place their babies. Ventilated it is though, and the comfort it offers is unbeatable.

4. Graco Pack n Play Bassinet with highest Weight Limit

Playard and bassinet, 2 in 1 bassinet

Playard and bassinet in one unit? Yes! I am talking about Grace pack n play the bassinet. Its versatility allows you to use it as a standalone bassinet when at home. Also, you can convert it to playard after removing the bassinet. Based on its versatility, you can find it as the best travel bassinet.

Graco Pack n Play Bassinet Weight Limit is 20 – 45 pounds only. So, ideally, you are required to put your newborn in it before he reaches this weight limit or he starts pushing on his hands.

It is a convenient, versatile, high-quality bassinet that is easy to assemble. The canopy protects your baby from sun rays, mosquito bites, and external agents. And changing tables lets you change your baby’s diapers when on the go.

5. Chicco Bassinet Weight Limit

safe and portable bassinet

Another portable bassinet, Chicco bassinet weight limit is just 20 pounds. Before your baby starts pushing himself in his arms, it is for him. Its ventilated mesh walls ensure that the baby remains in a safe and airy environment. Its lightweight comes in handy and allows you to carry it with you anywhere.

Further, its quick assembly and snap-on legs assure that it won’t take too much time to set up. Additionally, the side pockets allow you to keep your baby’s essentials in them.

This high-quality bassinet is ideal for traveling. It is easy to set up and saves time and effort. From well-ventilated sides to easy maintenance, it has everything to comfort you and your baby.

6. Delta Bassinet Weight Limit

bedside bassinet

Here comes a bedside bassinet. It makes sure that the baby sleeps next to you and you can approach him whenever you want. So, in the early postpartum stage, it is a great choice. Delta bassinet weight limit lies up to 30 pounds. You infants up to thirty lbs can comfortably sleep in it. Further, the comfortable mattress provides a soothing area for babies to rest.

Also, the lights and sounds trigger the sleep of the baby. What else do you want? This portable crib has an adjustable canopy that presents UV rays and mosquitoes to harm your baby. The caster wheels make it mobile and allow you to move it from one room to another.

This bassinet is suitable for babies up to 5 months and provides spacious space for sleep. From its side pockets to mobility, soothing features to stability, it has everything for you.

7. Lotus Bassinet Weight limit

Lotus air travel bassinet

Air travel with infants has become easier with Lotus bassinet. It comes with a backpack and enables you to put this compact bassinet after folding it. You can set this bassinet in just a few seconds. It is an idyllic choice for babies up to 3-months of age. With its soft and comfortable mattress, it provides a relaxing spot for babies to nap.

Further, the Guava Lotus bassinet weight limit is up to 18 pounds, and it can hold the baby before they start pushing on knees and arms. The ventilated mesh walls allow air to travel easily through the bassinet and reduce the risk of suffocation. Plus, it is versatile and can be converted into a play yard. The side zipper door allows the baby to crawl and play in the play yard.

Overall, this spacious bassinet offers enough space for babies to sleep, play and also its portability makes it a good travel companion.

8. Fisher Price Soothing Motion Bassinet weight limit

comfortable rocking bassinet for babies

Nothing can beat the comfort of a bassinet that gives sway motion to your baby. Fisher-Price provides a perfect soothing environment for your baby to sleep. Fisher-Price Soothing Motion Bassinet’s weight limit is 20 pounds, so babies up to this weight limit can enjoy soothing music and sounds.

Further, the soothing lights, vibrations, and gentle swaying motion are the key features of this bassinet that make it a worth-having unit. Its comfortable sleeping surface is another bonus to boost the sleep of the baby. 

It is an ultimately relaxing and soothing bassinet that makes sure your baby gets a comfortable sleep. With its lock-out, it assures that you can stop the swaying motion whenever you want.

9. Ingenuity Foldaway Bassinet Weight Limit

foldable wooden bassinet

Want to know the wooden bassinet weight limit? Here is a wooden bassinet on our list. Ingenuity Foldaway Bassinet Weight Limit is 15 pounds. It can easily hold a baby up to 5 months of age. Its smart and neural design makes it an equally suitable choice for baby girls and baby boys. Since it comes in two modes, your baby can enjoy sleeping either in rocking mode or stationary mode.

Moreover, if you want to carry it to another room its collapsible frame allows you to fold it and carry it wherever you go. Also, you don’t need to worry about the airflow options while placing your baby in it. The side mesh walls allow the exchange of air and contribute to offering you a cooler environment.

Ingenuity foldaway bassinet comes in a beautiful design with many comfy features and portability options.

10. Graco Dream Suit Bassinet Weight Limit

Sturdy bassinet upto 30 pounds

You will surely want to know the Graco Dream Suit Bassinet weight limit, right? Well, this sturdy bassinet has a maximum weight limit of up to 30 pounds. Amazingly, it includes both reversible bassinet and changer all in one unit. The weight holding capacity of the changer is also 30 pounds.

It includes vibrations to soothe your baby. Plus, the handing toys ensure your baby gets enough playtime.

If you want to take it outdoors, its wheels make it easy for you to travel. Also, the canopy assures that no harmful agents can disturb your baby. With its airy mesh sides, your baby gets adequate air. You can find it perfect for small spaces as it has a compact size.

It provides a well-ventilated and comfortable snuggle quarter. Its wheels allow you to carry it anywhere. You can rely on this bassinet for its sturdiness, mobility, and comfort.

11. Dream On Me Bassinet Weight Limit

lightweight and safe bassinet

With 12.4 pounds of weight, Dream On Me Bassinet Weight Limit is up to 25 pounds. With its trendy yet appealing design, it complements the decor of the nursery. It has been tested and passed all the standards of testing that make it a safe choice. Also, its mattress is comfortable yet safe and meets the requirements of ASTM, CA, and CPSC.

Moreover, its lightweight material ensures that you can carry it anywhere. Its sturdy construction assures that it can be used for a long time. If you want your baby to be placed in a safe zone, its canopy makes sure that no bugs can irritate your baby. Also, its roomy interior allows adequate airflow.

From traveling to comfortable sleeping space, this bassinet is a worth considering option. It is airy, lightweight, and mobile. And all these features make it a suitable unit.

12. 4moms Playard Bassinet Weight limit

removable playard and bassinet

Whether you want a playard for your baby or a bassinet, this item is for you. This unit includes a removable bassinet so, when you want to use it as a playard just remove the bassinet. And reap the benefits of playard. You might be glad to know that 30 pounds are 4moms Playard Bassinet Weight limit. While the weight limit of the bassinet is 18 pounds and of the changer is 25 pounds.

Further, setting this unit is not a hassle. Also, opening and closing this bassinet is a breeze. Additionally, its portability enables you to carry it with you. Also, it comes with a travel bag to carry this unit. The changer comes in handy to clean the mess created by the babies while going outside.

This multi-purpose unit has a maximum weight capacity of 30 pounds. It allows your baby to sleep and play in it. Also, it offers you the ease to carry and many convenient features that you want in a unit.

13. Baby Bjorn bassinet weight limit

gentle rocking bassinet

This bassinet has many soothing features and lulls your baby to deep sleep. It produces gentle rocking motions to comfort your baby. The soft rocking motion is generated either by the baby’s own body movement or by the parents themselves. Baby Bjorn bassinet weight limit is 17 pounds or babies up to six months of life can comfortably sleep in this cradle.

And this cozy cradle ensures that your baby sleeps in the cradle for a long time. This portable and compact cradle allow you to move it anywhere. This way, it gives you the comfort of mind that your baby stays with you wherever you go.

Baby Bjorn cradle is made up of safe material that is kind to your baby’s skin. With its rocking motions, it soothes your little gem and its portability allows you to take it anywhere.

14. Fisher Price rock n play weight limit

compact size foldable rocking bassinet

Babies love to sleep in a bassinet that rocks. Fisher Price Rock n Play does exactly what your baby wants. Its rocking motion lets your baby sleep while at home or outside. Yes, this portable bassinet is compact and allows you to fold it so that it becomes easier for you to travel with this bassinet.  Fisher Price rock n play weight limit is 25 pounds. It is suitable for babies before they start rolling on their sides.

Moreover, its soothing features and the elephant pal attached to this bassinet make it suitable for your baby. The breathable mesh sides walls make this unit well-ventilated and breezy.

This bassinet is designed for home use or travel. It sets up in a few seconds and after folding it won’t take much space. Also, its gentle rocking motion allows your baby to sleep peacefully.

15. Arm’s Reach co-sleeper weight limit

Co sleeper bassinet for babies upto 3 months

The last on our list is a co-sleeper. Arms Reach co-sleeper weight limit is 30 pounds and it is suitable for babies up to 5 months of age. This co-sleeper allows moms to have a clear view of their baby. Also, the mesh walls make it airy and avoid suffocation risk. Whenever you want you can convert it into a freestanding unit.

Additionally, it comes with a soft comfortable mattress and straps to attach it firmly to the bed. Also, the side pockets allow you to place many items of your baby in them.

Whether you want a side sleeper or a freestanding bassinet, this unit is the right option. With its comfortable mattress and mesh walls, it allows your baby to sleep comfortably. 

Table of Bassinet Weight Limit

Name Of BassinetWeight Limit (Pounds)
UPPAbaby Bassinet 15-20 Pounds
Halo Swivel Bassinet Around 20 Pounds
Swaddleme Bassinet Around 17.5 Pounds
Graco Pack n Play Around 20 Pounds
Chicco Bassinet Around 20 Pounds
Delta Bassinet Around 30 Pounds
Guava Lotus Bassinet Around 18 Pounds
Fisher Price Bassinet Around 20 Pounds
Ingenuity Foldaway Bassinet Around 15 Pounds
Graco Dream Suit Bassinet Around 30 Pounds
Dream On Me Bassinet Around 25 Pounds
4moms Playard Bassinet Around 30 Pounds
Baby Bjorn bassinet Around 17 Pounds
Fisher Price rock n play Around 25 Pounds
Arm’s Reach co-sleeper Around 30 Pounds

FAQs for Bassinet Weight Limit

Yes, a lightweight bassinet comes with a high weight holding capacity. Many bassinets are made of light yet sturdy material and can accommodate the maximum weight.

No, you should not place your baby in a bassinet once its weight limit has exceeded your baby’s weight. You can go for a crib and carefully transit your baby in it which is an idyllic yet safe option.

You can reap the following benefits:

  • Safety of your baby
  • Freedom to enjoy his gross body movements
  • His head, sides, and extremities do not bump with bassinet sides
  • Baby can get good sleep while being snug in a cozy snuggle quarter


Knowing the basic weight limit in kg and pounds is a main concern of parents when it comes to the safe sleep of their baby. Hopefully, this write-up has solved all your queries related to the bassinet weight limit and enables you to opt for the best choice.

We can’t stop ourselves from helping you in choosing the best bassinet with their weight limits. So, take a look at our recommendations:

  • UPPAbaby Bassinet Weight limit: 20 pounds
  • Halo Swivel Bassinet Weight Limit: 20 pounds
  • Swaddleme Bassinet Weight Limit: 17.5 pounds
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