Finally, your baby’s here and you are super excited to welcome the baby. But at the same time, you’re not physically active for middle-of-the-night nursing sessions. Admittedly, feeding your baby is mandatory and you have to do it anyway! Fortunately, the Best Bassinet for C Section is proved to be helpful as it offers a convenient solution for moms to access the babies placed next to them.

According to a reported fact, babies wake up more than 5 times per night. This means moms who have recently undergone C-sections are affected more by a lot of babies’ wake-ups! After C-section, your body needs a chance to regroup. So, these bassinets allow you to take care of your baby without any discomfort.

Our Top Pick

Simmons Kids Bassinet

  • Specially designed for C-section
  • Offers Comfortable nap
  • Can be attached to bed
  • Large side pockets
Best Bassinet for C-section

Babies delivered through C-section being more unique and sensitive need round-the-clock care. To offer them care bedside C-Section Bassinets are valuable and come in handy. Simmons Kids Bassinet is our favorite bedside bassinet that is particularly designed for C-sections. You can attach it with your bed and can access the little gem without any effort to pick him out of the bassinet.

Best Bassinet for C Section

List of the Best Bassinet for C section

Image Product Rating Price
Best Bassinet for C-section Simmons Kids Bassinet 9.9 Check Price
moms recovering from a C-section HALO BassiNest 9.7 Check Price
Best Budget Bassinet Fisher-Price Soothing Motions 9.6 Check Price
best bassinets for the C-section Arm’s Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper 9.4 Check Price
Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding Mika Mickey bedside sleeper 9.4 Check Price
Best Co Sleeper Bassinet Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue Bassinet 9.3 Check Price
3 in-1 Co-Sleeper Bassinet 3 in-1 Co-Sleeper Bassinet 9.2 Check Price
baby delight bassinet with features Baby Delight Beside Me Bassinet  9.0 Check Price

The above-mentioned list reflects our struggle to compile the Best Bassinet for C-section.

Furthermore, we dug deep to find out the nitty-gritty on the C-section bassinets and review each item in the next section. Take a peek at our review.

1. Simmons Kids Bassinet – Best for C Section Moms

Best Bassinet for C-section

Having your baby close to you is the warmest feeling for a mom. Also, in the first phase of rehabilitation after childbirth, babies should be placed close to moms for their ease. Simmons Kids Baby Sleeper best bassinet 2023, is the cup of tea for moms who have undergone a C-section.

Indeed it allows breastfeeding to be a breeze for such moms. It is pretty easy to reach in to get the baby. Large mesh sides enable you to peer in and see the baby clearly placed next to you.

However, safe sleep guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics also recommended using a separate bed for babies. The adjustable sleeper sits tight to the bed and you can use it as a co-sleeper.

The large side pockets are perfect to store the diapers, sheets, and clothes of the baby. You surely find it helpful when your baby creates a mess at midnight. At that time, you can easily access all the items without leaving the bed to clean the mess. So it’s a bonus for moms in the rehabilitation phase.

Its wheels allow you to move it anywhere in the home and outside the home. It folds compactly and does not take much space while traveling. So, if you want to do outdoor adventures, you’d find this bassinet the right choice.

Moreover, this compact bassinet offers your baby the warm feeling same as they had in the womb of the mother. The legs of this compact unit slide under the bed and won’t take too much space in your room.


  • Slim design and sturdy construction
  • Adjustable height
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Washable fabric and easy to clean mattress
  • Large storage pockets
  • Ventilated side mesh walls


  • Can not accommodate babies above 5 months of age

Bottom Line

After the baby’s birth, your life becomes a bit tougher especially when you have delivered the baby through surgery. Simmon’s Kid Sleeper is the ultimate solution to make your life easier and offers babies a safe sleep environment as well. It keeps your baby close to you and allows co-sleeping without bed-sharing.

2. HALO BassiNest – Top Rated C Section Bassinet

moms recovering from a C-section

Its intelligent design makes your bonding moments with your baby more strong. Keeping the fact in mind that babies need tender care and moms need some assistance to handle the babies, this bassinet is designed for moms recovering from a C-section.

It swivels over the bed and helps you a lot to recover easily after C-section. Due to its swiveling feature, it is considered the perfect match for moms who are advised to limit movements after C-section.

Now, without getting out of bed you can lift your baby easily. Also, it allows you to nurse your baby easily. It comes with a drop-down side that enables you to access the baby without getting out of bed.

Besides offering ease to moms, this breezy bassinet has mesh sidings that keep your baby secure from the risk of suffocation. The mesh sides allow the maximum exchange of air and keep the temperature of the unit normal. You can see the baby clearly through sidewalls and have peace of mind.

Its height is adjustable. You can adjust it according to your personal preference. In case your bed height is not standard or you are sitting on a couch you can adjust the height of this bassinet to ensure that your baby is right at your eye level.


  • Fits next to your bed as a safe co-sleeper
  • Rotates 360 degrees over the bed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Airy mesh sidings


  • Heavyweight  and limited portability
  • Expensive

Bottom line

The second on our list has made parenting very easy. It offers all support to recovering moms that she needs. Also, it makes sure that your baby is sleeping comfortably in a safe and peaceful spot. Well, it has all the attributes that can rank it first in the list of the best bassinet. But why do you find it at the second number? Its heavyweight and inability to move it is a shame and just a sole reason that puts it on the second number.

3. Fisher-Price Soothing Motions – Best Budget Bassinet

Best Budget Bassinet

Another bassinet that offers safe sleep to babies and is helpful for recovering moms is Fisher-Price Soothing Motions. It features all soothing elements that help the baby to drop off to sleep without disturbing moms.  

The structure of the bassinet lacks sharp or pointed protrusions. And meets the safety criteria set by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Hence it is one of the safest units available in the market.

Its breathable mesh sidewalls make it safer and ventilated for babies. Adequate exchange of air takes place through mesh walls and the temperature of the unit remains at an optimal level. Therefore, it minimizes the risk of suffocation.

It offers a comfortable sleeping surface to babies. The mattress fits snugly and is firm enough to avoid suffocation. At the base of the unit, it contains a small shelf where you can place diapers, blankets, and extra clothes.

A little baby needs gentle rocking motions that lull the baby to sleep. So this bassinet rocks the baby in two ways. First- you can manually rock it. Second- baby wiggles to rock it. Moreover, its soothing sounds, vibrations, and nightlight put the baby into deep sleep. When the baby wakes up from his sleep the hanging toys entertain the baby while the mom can still sleep for a while.

Although it lacks wheels, still you can move it around. This lightweight bassinet weighs only 20 pounds. So, rest assured, you can carry it easily. Above all, it contains all must-have characteristics and you can buy this best affordable bassinet without breaking the bank.


  • Less expensive
  • Safe sleeping surface
  • Toys, vibrations, music, and nightlights
  • Meets all safety standards
  • Storage area for baby’s items


  • Short sidewalls that offer difficulty to access the baby
  • Limited mobility

Bottom line

We found this bassinet as the safest and most comfortable unit that offers sound sleep to babies. After the early period of C-section when the mother is struggling hard to maintain her own health this bassinet helps moms to calm their fussy baby and lull the baby to sleep. This way, moms can also sleep well with their baby resting in the bassinet.

4. Arm’s Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper – Wood Bassinet for C Section

best bassinets for the C-section

Wooden bassinets have earned much popularity among parents. Despite the other metal frames bassinet, many parents still opt for wooden bassinets due to their durability. So, we have included a wooden bassinet in our list of best bassinet for C section. Wooden, it is though, but aesthetically pleasing also. It makes a perfect match with all nursery themes.

Arm’s Reach Cambria Co-sleeper is a freestanding and wooden co-sleeper bassinet. Moms who have just had a C-section certainly find this bassinet very helpful to nurse the babies during the period when they are not allowed to frequently flex their spine.

You’ll surely love to sleep with your baby next to you but in a separate bassinet. So, you can place this unit next to your bed and without bending much you can lift your neonate a couple of inches. As it contains wheels you can lock the wheels while using it as a co-sleeper. But if you want to move it from one room to another you can unlock the wheels and bring it along wherever you want to go. 

One of the nice pluses of this bassinet is that It is surrounded by mesh walls that allow you to see the baby clearly, and also mesh walls keep the unit ventilated. Its built-in leg extensions can adjust the height of the unit up to any required level. You can make it equal to your bed height and drop down its one side to use as a cosleeper.

Moreover, a large storage rack is placed underneath the bassinet where you can place your baby’s essentials. So when babies create a mess you can conveniently clean it without leaving the bed. 


  • Removable drop side
  • Adjustable height
  • Castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Side mesh walls to clearly see the baby
  • Beautiful design
  • Stable and sturdy


  • The mattress is not comfortable

Bottom line

This wooden co-sleeper is spacious. Besides using it as a cosleeper you can use this wide bassinet as a play yard. Overall, it is a beautiful piece of furniture that contains side mesh walls, wheels, a drop-down side, and a large storage area.

5. Mika Mickey bedside sleeper – Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding

Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding

Your little infant needs proper sleep in a comfortable environment. For this, there are several types of sleepers available in the market. But one of the best and versatile sleeper bassinets is the Mika Mickey bedside sleeper.

This unique and comfortable sleeper can be used for babies up to 5 months. It weighs around 33lbs. Wheels at their bottom help to rotate anywhere in the room.

Moreover, it has been designed to keep safety measures for babies in mind. The manufacturers have made this co-sleeper with the best material that is durable and reliable for a long time. Its mesh sides keep your baby protected from mosquito bites and helps the baby in comfortable breathing. On both ends, there are two pockets or storage spaces in which you can organize the baby’s basic essentials like diapers, wipes, teether, pacifiers, etc.

Although its size is slightly larger than other cribs or baby co-sleepers in the market but still portable and easy to carry anywhere. Its two straps can attach with bedsides and help mothers to feed the baby comfortably at arm’s reach, especially for breastfeeding and for those who have a c section.


  • Versatile bassinet for newborn
  • Budget-friendly
  • Seven different height positions make it easy to adjust with your bedside
  • Large and spacious
  • Breathable mesh walls


  • Mattress is hard
  • Not suitable for babies above five months

Bottom line

Mika Mickey bedsides sleeper is the best bassinet for breastfeeding and a beautiful product that nobody can ever dislike. It is portable with seven adjustable height positions. This product is budget-friendly so everyone can have it without any worry. It’s durable and safe for babies.

6. Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue Bassinet – Best Co Sleeper

Best Co Sleeper Bassinet

Nursing your baby is challenging for moms after C-section. A bassinet that is engineered to help moms is all that a mom needs. Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue is the best co-sleeper Bassinet that allows moms to access the babies without putting much strain on their back.

New moms being very conscious about their babies want to keep them close to their bed. So, the founders of Arm’s Reach introduced the co-sleeper that allows moms to place their babies next to them. The co-sleeper is the perfect alternative to bedsharing. As a  whole, it is the safest sleeping arrangement. Genius!

Its built-in extensions allow you to adjust its height to various levels. After adjusting its height to your bed level you can attach it to your bed. To do so you need to remove its drop side and anchor it firmly with your bed by strong straps. Thus, it becomes very easy to access the baby for nighttime feeds and diaper changing.

Besides bedside sleepers, they can be used as freestanding bassinets. Just raised its drop side and it’s perfect to use a freestanding unit. Moreover, its wheels allow you to easily move it around the house. The mesh sides give a clear view of the baby. And they make sure that adequate airflow is maintained throughout the unit.

Plus, it has a spacious storage space where you can save your baby’s items. Indeed these Storage pockets are great for stashing middle-of-the-night essentials.


  • Strong straps to attach it with your bed
  • Removable side mesh panel
  • Makes nursing easier
  • Adjustable height
  • Gives a clear view of baby
  • Portable


  • Not so pleasing appearance
  • The mattress is not comfortable

Bottom line

Finding a co-sleeper is one of the best decisions that you make for yourself and your baby. And getting the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue bassinet is bringing comfort to your life. When your baby gets fussy you can easily scoop up your baby to soothe him. 

7. Arm’s Reach Ideal – 3 in-1 Co-Sleeper Bassinet

3 in-1 Co-Sleeper Bassinet

Arm-s Reach 3 in-1 Co-Sleeper is particularly tailored for C-section moms to keep their baby at arm’s reach. It is not only a bedside sleeper but also a freestanding bassinet and a play yard that grows with your little gem. Innovative idea!

Out of all modes, its co-sleeper mode is mostly liked by moms who can’t drag themselves out of bed whenever the baby needs them. You can attach it to your bed with the help of 4 secure straps that hold the arm of the bassinet under the bed. So, just secure the arm of the bassinet with your bed and make a safe co-sleeper.

To use it as a freestanding bassinet lift its railing back to its place with just a simple glide and snap method. When your baby grows you need a safe alternative to a bassinet where your baby plays. Play-yard is an ideal mode for such babies. You just need to remove the support bars and drop the mattress to convert it into a play yard.

Furthermore, it provides a perfect sleeping area where your baby sleeps. The mattress is firm and fits well in its place. The side mesh walls make certain that it remains airy and your baby does not suffer from breathlessness.

You would find no problem in assembling this unit. It’s super easy! For this reason, you can conveniently take it with you while traveling. This portable bassinet comes with two wheels that ease mobility. Plus, you can place this best travel bassinet in the carry bag provided with it.

To offer more convenience to rehabilitating moms it has included side pockets on each side of the bassinet. So, it’s the easiest way to access baby items stored in this bassinet.


  • Versatile unit with 3 modes
  • Sturdy design
  • Well-ventilated
  • Portable


  • Lacks extendable legs
  • A bit expensive

Bottom line

This versatile unit is used for multifunctions and is simple to assemble and portable. All its 3 modes are helpful for moms. For midnight feeds its bedside mode is preferred, while for moving it around the house you can use it as a freestanding bassinet. Lastly, the play yard offers a spacious area where babies can play. Above all, it grows with your baby.

8. Baby Delight Beside Me Bassinet – Best for Small Spaces

baby delight bassinet with features

The last on our list of best co-sleeper is the Baby Delight Beside Me Bassinet that is a co-sleeper too. If your bed height is more than the bedside sleeper height, it might cause inconvenience. So, to address this issue, this side sleeper comes with 6 adjustable height options. Now you can adjust its height and make it equal to your bed. Indeed, a very simple solution!

Once its height reaches your bed, you can attach it to your bed. Just unzip the side panel and secure it with your bed. Its straps are strong enough to firmly hold this bassinet with the bed.

Whether you have a large room or a small room, it fits well in all rooms. For instance, you have a small room with limited space on the side of the bed. Its legs slide under the bed and without taking much space you can use the best bassinets for small spaces as a side sleeper. Overall, this unit is stable because it has a wide base.

It offers a comfortable sleeping environment. It has a fiber-filled mattress and a tightly fitted sheet that covers it. You can glide it gently to soothe your little bundle of joy.

After six months of C-section when you become able to perform activities of daily living, you need a bassinet that can move around easily. So, this lightweight and portable bassinet is the right choice. While doing home chores it makes sure that you can keep an eye on your infant resting in his snuggle quarter.

You don’t need any technical skills to assemble this unit. It is pretty easy to assemble. Also, it folds down flat and you can take it easy on the go. So, that’s good news for travelers who are worrying about its storage. It doesn’t matter where you go, your little gem will feel at home.

Another bonus? It saves your neonate from breathlessness and has airy sidewalls that keep it ventilated. Its sides contain storage pockets where you can store your baby’s item for quick access.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable height up to six levels
  • The side panel can unzip for easy access to the bed
  • Stable unit with a wide base
  • Attach to your bed firmly
  • Breathable side mesh walls


  • Can accommodate babies up to 5 months 
  • Hard mattress

Bottom line

Baby delight is a highly functional unit that is ranked as the best bedside sleeper bassinet. Placing your baby next to you is the most beautiful feeling for a mom. So, this side sleeper keeps your baby close to you all the time even during travels.

FAQs for Best bassinet for a C section

Yes, a Co-Sleeper bassinet is far better than a Freestanding Bassinet for moms who had undergone C-section.

Co-Sleepers are designed to place next to your bed. You can attach them to your bed and make sure that an adequate distance is maintained between your baby and you. This way, it allows you to easily access the baby for midnight feeds.

As a whole, a co-sleeper is kind to moms and helps them to reach their babies without moving out of bed. Moreover, it provides you peace of mind and makes certain that the baby is placed in his safe and separate sleeping zone.

On the other hand, you can not attach the traditional freestanding bassinets to your bed. most of the time you need to get out of bed to reach the baby placed in them. So it is not as kind to you as the Co-Sleeper Bassinet.

C-section bassinets have many features. Let’s have a look at some of their characteristics.

  • Can be used as a co-sleeper
  • Contains drop down side wall to access the baby
  • Allows you to access the baby easily
  • Their height can be adjusted up to any required level
  • They offer mobility
  • Assures safety and stability
  • Does not require much efforts to assemble them

Moms who have undergone a C-section find it difficult to get out of the bed and reach the baby. In such instances, a co-sleeper offers the best solution. Most of the time a bassinet can be used as a co-sleeper.

On the contrary, cribs are larger than bassinets that can’t be attached to the bed and offer inconvenience to moms. So, in this regard, a crib is not an ideal place for babies to sleep.


One of the main obstacles that moms are facing after a C-section is the difficulty in lifting their baby. Obviously, babies create a mess, and soon after C-section, you are not in the state to climb out of bed every time to clean the mess or to nurse the baby.

Thanks to the Best Bassinet for C section that makes it easy for moms to nurse babies. Now instead of walking like a Zombie to approach the baby placed away from you, it’s better to grab the bassinet that suits your needs.

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