After having a baby, now you are wondering how to take your baby with you while traveling? Several advancements have been made in the best portable bassinet to make you free from any worry related to traveling. We all are familiar that it is a hard task for parents to travel with their babies. Apart from providing a comfortable place for babies, travel bassinets also save on luggage space. Single stop trips to multi-stop trips make it easier for mothers to carry their babies with them.

Apart from providing you an easy to travel with babies best portable bassinets also provide a safe sleep to babies. What do more parents want? As safety is at the forefront of all factors that should include in the resting spot of babies.

Portable bassinets are not only designed for outdoor trips or traveling but have also focused on all safety guidelines related to safe sleep. So for co-sleeping, in different snuggling zones, many portable bassinets are given the same worth as others. Several portable bassinets have been introduced till now. One of the best portable bassinets of 2023 is the BabyBjorn cradle.

Our Top Pick


  • Soft and Transparent mesh
  • Rocking movement
  • Weightless
  • Comfortable nap
Best Portable Bassinet

This rocking bassinet is the best pick and soothing cradle that provides rocking motions to babies to put them to sleep. For traveling with babies, this lightweight bassinet is suitable for multi-stop trips, thereby enabling the parents to enjoy their outdoor adventures to the fullest.

List of 10 Best Portable Baby Bassinet

1. BABYBJORN Cradle – Portable Bassinets

Best Portable Bassinet

This oval-shaped baby bassinet is designed in such a way that it provides rocking movements. The baby can enjoy rocking movements either by the bassinet’s suspension system or the baby’s movements that let him rock in a cradle. Furthermore, you can slightly push the cradle so that it rocks smoothly. 

BabyBjorn bassinet is a compact model with greater portability. Mothers can take this lightweight cradle, which is 13 pounds in weight, anywhere with them. So during the period when the mom is recovering after childbirth, this best small portable bassinet helps the moms keep the baby with them wherever they are moving.

 When planning for vacations, this unit makes a convenient option as it is easy to assemble and disassemble. Moreover, it is perfect for traveling, and due to its compact size, it is easy to carry.  To provide enough ventilation and a clear vision of the newborn baby, its sidewalls are made of soft and transparent mesh.

An additional mesh canopy secures the baby, and this component of the BabyBjorn bassinet makes it a unique and more safe cradle over others. Now, what are your next level expectations from a sleeping surface? For sure you, as a mother, want a bassinet that can be placed at the same height as your bed. Here this bassinet with adjustable height is not far behind the others. Mothers can adjust their height up to their bed’s level. 

This highly stable and durable bassinet has a waterproof mattress with a machine washable sheet that is made up of organic fabric. This model is not limited to facilitating parents and babies only but it proves to be safe for surfaces as its durable foot grips do not create any scratches to floors. 


  • Lightweight and portable bassinet
  • Soft and transparent mesh
  • Provide rocking movements that are gentle and smooth
  • Safety is certified 


  • Babies above 6 years can not fit in this bassinet
  •  Caution required to attach the canopy with the cradle

Bottom line:   

BabyBjorn cradle has featured all the convenient factors that parents want to see in a bassinet cradle. This bassinet rocks gently to provide a comfortable nap to babies. Also, its portability allows it to carry anywhere easily. It has included all safety measures, and its canopy prevents the baby from any harsh stimuli.

2. Chicco LullaGo Portable – Baby Travel Bassinet

travel bassinet

This travel bassinet is a great choice for those who love traveling. It is ultra-lightweight, i.e., 12 pounds in weight. Chicco LullaGo Bassinet is easy to assemble, and within minutes, you can set it. Its metal legs snap on easily; that’s why it is convenient for traveling and storage. Babies can rest in the spacious sleeping area that is 28 inches in length and 15 inches in width.

The babies can sleep next to their parents as the height of this bassinet approximately matches the parent’s bed’s height. Thereby placing the babies next to moms, and moms can easily get babies placed in the sides of bassinet’s storage pockets. 

Its waterproof firm mattress is covered by a well-fitted sheet that easily zips off for washing it. Mesh walls are ventilated but are not good to provide visual clarity to the baby. 


  • It has a carry bag to place the bassinet when it flats fold
  • Ultra lightweight and portable
  • Adjusted upto the bed height
  • Provide safety 
  • Beautiful colors and design


  • Not covered by mesh entirely
  • Replacement sheets are not easily available

Bottom line:

Mesh openings of the portable baby travel bassinet are designed to prevent suffocation by maintaining airflow. This lightweight bassinet is easy to carry and assemble. The large sleeping zone of the bassinet folds compactly for travel.

3. Munchkin Bassinet – Foldable Bassinet

best portable bassinet

A bassinet that provides you safety option is a convenient feature that the manufacturers add for those parents who want to keep their babies with them safely. So Munchkin Bassinest features a T-lock security system that locks the steel frames and sides of it, thereby assuring the baby’s safety.

It is surrounded by mesh walls that provide the baby’s visibility and keep the baby’s resting place ventilated. Mesh sidewalls are considered best for proper airflow, and thus they save the baby from suffocation. For making it an easy choice for traveling, its design is best for those traveling since this 2.45 pounds item folds flat and has a carry handle, so it is easy to carry while traveling.

A comfortable spot is at the forefront of the priority list of parents. That’s why this bassinet has included a 1inch firm mattress to provide a comfortable place for babies. Considering hygiene factors, it allows you to wash its mattress and sheet in the machine.


  • Super easy to assemble
  • Slim design and lightweight bassinet is best for traveling
  • Locking system make it safe for babies
  • Machine washable mattress and sheet


  •  It is small in size and has not the ideal height of bassinet
  • Not fit for babies above 6 months of age

Bottom line:

Getting a foldable bassinet that provides a baby’s safety in the same way as outdoors is a great decision.
The Munchkin bassinet is covered with a canopy, and it is easy to set up. Like other traveler bassinets, this bassinet is light enough and portable. As security is the first preference of parents and hence this portable bassinet has a T-lock mechanism that makes it secure and safe for babies.

4. Unilove Portable Travel Crib – Detachable Bassinet

best bassinet for breastfeeding

Unilove bassinet is designed to accommodate babies from birth to six months of age. In the initial rehabilitation phase of childbirth, mothers often want a bassinet to nurse their babies. 

Since this unit offers its height adjustments for 7 levels, after making it at the parent’s bed level, mothers can easily approach the baby. Thus, it is the best bassinet for breastfeeding. Flagship features lie in its stability. This highly stable bassinet has telescoping feet and locks for its wheels. When its wheels are unlocked, they roll in all directions around 360°.

Moreover, its stabilizing bar adds stability to this unit. In addition to the aforementioned features, this portable travel crib can be used as a bedside bassinet and a freestanding crib. By detaching its bar, you can easily make its transition from one mode to another in a mere second. Eco-friendly fabric and breathable large mesh panels provide greater airflow.  


  • Highly stable as well as portable
  • Large mesh side walls
  • Efficient maneuverability
  • Adjustable height
  • Music Box


  • High price range

Bottom line:   

HugMe Plus has all features that a detachable bassinet and a portable bassinet should have. Ventilated mesh panels make this unit airy, and moms find it easy to adjust it at the level of their beds. For portability, it has four wheels that provide safety by locking its wheels. Additional stability factors are also included in it.

5. Baby Lounger – Cheap Portable Bassinet

best bassinet for travel

If you plan to give someone a gift, then a cheap portable bassinet is an amazing gift to give. The soft and breathable material of the Baby nest protects from bacteria and has the ability to absorb sweat and maintain the temperature of the sleeping surface. 

Baby loungers can be placed in the bed, in cradles, or in a baby cot. The main spec of this nest is that it has included a rope at its tail so that you can lengthen the nest by opening its tail rope. It is breathable, so it offers a safe co-sleeping option, but to make it safer, remove soft toys and sheets if present at that site.

To make it well fitted for babies, pull its strings so that baby can snuggle in a cozy place. This portable bassinet for travel comes with a carry bag that has used the latest vacuum packaging technology, so easy to carry for traveling. Moreover, its 3.44 pounds of weight make it suitable for traveling. 


  • Suitable for babies upto 12 months
  • Safe and skin friendly material for babies
  • Light and easy to move
  • Affordable


  • Baby nest is not provided with a stand

Bottom line:

Baby lounger offers a greater portability option for traveling. While snuggling, this baby nest has a padded edge that warmly cuddles the baby. There is no need to replace this baby nest till the baby approaches 1 year of age as its tail rope makes it fit for babies up to 12 months.

6. Dream On Me – Fold Up Bassinet

portable bassinet for travel

Dream On Me fold up bassinet is elegantly designed and comes in five attractive color ranges:

Cloud Grey

Twinkle Grey


Starlight Blue

Fusion Coral

Moms can easily have a clear view of their baby through side mesh walls that allow greater breathability. The aluminum frame makes it lightweight, i.e., 7.05 pounds, and a portable bassinet for travel is ideal for couples who want to travel with their newborn babies.

To make it more convenient for portability, it has snap-on legs that fold compactly and are easy to bring with you anywhere. Moreover, it has a travel bag that provides you with space where this compact model can be placed while traveling.

It is the utmost desire of most mothers to place their babies at their bedside, so Dream On Me bassinet is here to make your dream come true. You can place it at your bedside and adjust its height to make it at your bed level. The mattress pad is firm, and you can remove it for cleaning purposes as it provides you an option to wash it in the machine, thereby making it germ-free.


  • Ventilated and visible side mesh 
  • Portable and ease to assemble
  • Mattress is machine washable and easy to remove
  • Adjustable height


  • Smell of chemical is irritating

Bottom line: 

This spacious sleeping area is sufficient to provide a comfortable snuggling spot for babies to provide sound sleep in homes while it allows you to travel with it as it folds compactly. Assembly of the bassinet is an easy task for this unit. You can set it within a few seconds.

7. SwaddleMe Side Sleeper – Compact Bassinet

travel bassinet

The soft, light colors of this compact bassinet add decency to the room. This side sleeper’s base is made of a sturdy metal frame and serves to protect the infant from injuries. Seeing through the mesh is breezy enough to maintain proper ventilation and makes sure that clear visibility of the baby is gained. As it is surrounded by mesh at all sides so there will be no chance of overheating.

Do you want to know the most appreciable feature of this oval-shaped bassinet? It has a compressible part of mesh sides is a great feature of this in-bed sleeper as it makes the bond between parents and babies more strong.

In terms of portability, this lightweight bassinet can be easily carried everywhere. Although it includes a metal frame, it can fold flat for easy storage. You can wash this portable bassinet in a machine with its built-in mattress. With its unique design, babies can get a cozy sleep in it.


  • Safe option for bed sharing
  • Two sides of mesh walls have a compressible section
  • Provide greater visibility of baby
  • Machine washable


  • Mattress is not good to  provide comfort to babies
  • Recommended for babies upto 3 months
  • Limited features 

Bottom line: 

For safe bed-sharing SwaddleMe mobile bassinet has featured all safety and comfort factors. Moms can have access to the baby and monitor him through mesh walls that are airy and soft. This portable bassinet provides convenience for traveling, and it folds flat.

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8. Fisher Price Rock with Me – Baby Bassinet with Wheels

best portable bassinet of 2023

Rock with Me Bassinet provides back and forth rocking movements. With the slight push of your hand, it starts rocking and soothes the baby to sleep. You either let it rock or stop that rocking mechanism by locking and unlocking this feature. When movements are not required you can twist its base to make it static.

The best portable bassinet of 2023 has a bottom that when pressed makes it into a flat board that has no sharp edges or protrusions so that’s easy to set up with so much ease to assemble it you can assemble it in a second.

In addition to providing you facilities it also offers a comfortable sleeping place for babies. Wipe cleaning is recommended for the mattress pad while its well-fitted sheet is removable and machine washable.

Baby’s milestones have a vital role in his development. For developing the strong fine motor performance of the baby it is provided with an elephant pal. While playing with this linkable toy baby develops stronger grasp control. The amazing design and neutral color rings make it suitable for unisex themes.


  • Folding is easy and it becomes flat after folding
  • Lightweight and portable
  • You can lock and unlock rocking motions
  • Mirror and toy is present with this bassinet


  • Difficult to clean
  • Pad shrinks after washing and its replacement is not accessible easily

Bottom Line:

It is engineered to provide ease for portability, and it is quick to set up. Depending upon your baby’s need, you can get both rocking and stationary bassinet in a single unit. Mesh walls are highly ventilated, so with Rock with Me design, your baby gets a safe and soothing environment in homes and in outdoors.

9. Lulyboo Bassinet – Baby Travel Bassinet

best bassinet for small spaces

For outdoor adventures, Lulyboo Bassinet is the perfect travel bassinet. It is easily carried into a backpack. For this purpose, collapse its two sides and make shoulder straps from its fabric’s two strips. Once turned into a backpack, mothers can take this ultra-lightweight bassinet that is 3 pounds in weight anywhere while traveling. 

This is the best combination of protection and entertainment for babies. For protecting the baby from sunlight, its built-in canopy is of great use. You can attach plush toys with the canopy. If you are looking for the small spaces bassinet, Lulyboo is perfect for compact spaces.

With a waterproof base and side padding, it provides a cozy space for babies. Its mattress lining is removable and machine washable. For indoors, this multi-purpose bassinet is used as a co-sleeper for providing safe sleep to babies. It has all in one feature; it can be used as a mini crib, portable backpack, and a mat for changing diapers of babies. Besides, it also serves as a playpen for babies to enjoy.


  • Lightweight and portable traveling bed
  • Highly versatile
  • Classy appearance
  • Converted into backpack
  • Built in canopy that have plush toys


  • Its thin base is not sturdy
  • Short term use  

Bottom line:

Lulyboo is a multi-purpose baby bed that is known for its versatility, cheap and ease of traveling. This small-sized baby bassinet can be converted into a backpack. It has a canopy with plush toys to entertain the babies, and we can also use it as a playpen.

10. Baby Delight – Infant Portable Bassinet

best portable bassinet

Baby Delight’s best infant portable bassinet has airy mesh sidewalls that keep it ventilated and prevent it from overheating. Through its fine mesh, you can peep in your baby resting in the bassinet. For traveling, you can fold this infant portable bassinet in half by pressing two buttons that convert it into a compact unit. Just put this folded Slumber in the travel bag and take it along. 

Furthermore, baby delight has a removable cover and sheet which can be washed in a machine. That’s an easy option for moms to clean a baby’s mess. When going outside, you can attach the canopy provided to protect from sunlight and rain. When not in use, you can remove it.

Canopy is also made of net, so it also allows you to see inside the bassinet. You can either let it rock or make it static by locking the rocker. This lightweight bassinet has a weight of 14.4 ounces, and it is suitable for babies up to 5 months of age. 


  • Compact folding and easy to travel with it
  • Removable canopy provide protection
  • Rocking movements are under control
  • Sheets and cover are machine washable


  • Expensive
  • Mattress is not much firm

Bottom line:

Slumber is a soothing rocker and convenient bassinet that is an asset for parents as it is a great choice for parents to use in homes and outdoors. You can fold it quickly and easily by pressing its button. Netting of the canopy and its side mesh walls secure the babies from external harmful factors and keep the baby ventilated in it.

Types of Small Portable Bassinet

A portable bassinet is a type of baby bassinet. This type of bassinet can be divided into further types that are listed below.

  1. Bedside bassinet
  2. Fold up bassinet
  3. Co-sleeper bassinet

This type of bassinets is perfect for room-sharing without co-sleeping. They can be attached to the bed and provide ease to mothers while sleeping. 

Bedside bassinet:

It can be used as a freestanding bassinet that is easy to move around. So the limit of the bedside bassinet is not limited to the bedroom but they allow you to travel with them.

Fold Up Bassinets:

Fold up bassinets are the best for small spaces. They are folded into a compact form that does not consume more space. 

These types are best for outdoor picnics and even traveling in airplanes as they are suitable for placing them on floors and there is no need to seek an elevated surface to place them.

Co-sleeper bassinet:

They offer the mothers to place their baby next to them and are the best bassinet for breastfeeding. They also use less space and can be used for outdoor adventures where they make the baby feel the same as in their homes.  

Portable Baby Cradle Buying Guide

Who does not want to count on the ease of portable bassinet on a daily basis? 

Indeed they provide convenience to parents both indoors and outdoors. A variety of bassinets are present in the market and you might find it a juggling act to choose the best portable bassinet.

In this buying guide, you will get to know the main factors that a portable bassinet should have. 


To get a portable bassinet consider the weight of the unit. A portable bassinet should be light in weight. Many factors decide the weight of the bassinet. The most common among them is the padding of the mattress, materials used in its construction if metallic then the type of metal used. A lightweight bassinet is easy to carry and provides convenience for traveling.


Portable bassinets for travel should allow easy folding. If it folds flat and compact then it is a good choice for traveling. Many models of bassinets provide a button that when pressed convert it into a flat-shaped unit.


Consider the best portable bassinet that is set up in a few seconds. Moreover, no tools are required in its assembly and provide you all convenience for use.

Weight and age recommendation:

It is a forefront factor to consider the manufacturer’s recommendation for weight and age. Before deciding to get a unit count this factor under consideration and then get a bassinet that is suitable for your baby’s age and weight. 


The price of the bassinet mainly reflects the Best baby bassinets are endowed with many features. Select the bassinet that has features you prefer to see in it then compare prices of different models. In such a way you will be able to get a unit that has all the desired features and is in your price range.  


This feature is important to note in a bassinet. In terms of adjustability, it should allow you to adjust its height up to several levels.

Furthermore, its mattress, canopy, and straps provide adaptability. You can remove the canopy at any time or attach it when added. There should be flexibility in its design and you can reconstruct it when required.


A highly versatile bassinet is the top priority of buyers and many top-rated brands of best portable bassinet have a variety of modes. It allows you to convert the multifunctional bassinets into a bedside bassinet, a crib, a traveling unit, and a playpen.


A bassinet that has included all stability features make it suitable for babies. Regarding portability, factors do not make any compromise in its stability.


Consider the available space in your room and then select the bassinet that has dimensions suitable for your room. Newborn Portable bassinets that use less space are usually recommended as while staying outside, for instance, in hotel rooms they would be better to get fit in.


For the safety of the baby make sure to get a baby bassinet that is made of safe material. Any chemical that is used in its manufacturing should be hazardous-free.

Eco-friendly material allows the baby to feel safe. Sometimes pleasant-looking materials make compromises on safety factors so do not go for such kinds of models. A safe, durable, and chemical-free material used in bassinets should be chosen. 

Unisex bassinet:

A bassinet that is gender neutral and used for baby girl and baby boy is highly recommended. Its neutral and soft colors and design make it suitable for any nursery theme and best fit for your room as well. Once you have bought such models for your baby then you can use them for your second or third babies that are of different genders.  


Either you are using it as a co-sleeper bassinet or a travel bassinet it should have comfortable bedding. Its mattress should be firm and have tightly fitted sheets. It should also allow you to wash its mattress and sheet in the machine.


Babies get suffocated in an environment that does not allow airflow. So it is recommended to place the babies in a unit that allows proper circulation. Out of all materials, the mesh is considered best for maintaining airflow. 

Many models of the portable baby cradle have mesh side panels that allow the baby to sleep in a ventilated environment.

Soothing motions:

A gentle rocking motion that soothes the baby with either a slight push of the parent’s hand or by the movement of the baby’s own motions is a great option for babies to soothe. It will be a great perk if it has locked and unlocking options to transit a rocker into a stationary bassinet.

FAQs for Best Portable Bassinet

The main difference between a portable bassinet and a regular bassinet for babies lies in its weight, dimensions, and folding abilities.

The term travel bassinet and the portable bassinet are usually used interchangeably. As the travel bassinets are usually portable and can be used as regular bassinets. But we can not use regular bassinets as portable bassinets. 

Yes, portable bassinets are safe for babies. Like other bassinets, portable bassinets have included all safety features and are movable as well as stable.

There are many models that make sure that all safety standards have been introduced in this unit. Canopy to provide outdoor protection from sunlight, lockable wheels, lightweight, and many additional features are included in them to assure its safety.

Yes co-sleeper bassinet is a variety of portable bassinet.

Co-sleeper portable bassinet ensures the safety of babies and also assists mothers to feed their babies in homes and outdoors as well. They provide the ability to carry the babies anywhere in these lightweight bassinets and are also space savers.

Portable bassinets and cribs are meant for traveling. You can easily go for one option but here the main difference between the portable crib and portable bassinet lies in their weight and age recommendations.

For babies, up to six months of age portable bassinets are a more preferable choice for babies to travel with. While above five months to onwards portable cribs offer a great option to travel with babies from one place to another.


Portable bassinets have made a great change in the life of parents who love frequent traveling. Many models of the best portable bassinets have been introduced. Each model is different from the others in terms of its features.

Hopefully, through our list of the top 10 best portable bassinets, you have got all the features that would help you to make your choice. Our final verdict will help you further to choose among these top 10 models. 

BabyBjorn Cradle, Chicco LullaGo Anywhere Portable Bassinet, and Munchkin Bassinet are the top three portable bassinets each endowed with many unique features. 

Baby Delight Portable Bassinet is the best for small spaces. 

A bedside bassinet that is portable is great to offer convenience for traveling and here Unilove portable bassinet lies in this category.

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