Babies, on average, spend 14-16 hours sleeping in their beds. To welcome your baby, you need to include the best non-toxic bassinet on your to-do list. And this is the best thing you can gift your baby that assures safe sleep for your babies. Since babies are more vulnerable to toxic substances or chemicals, it is a great step to offer them a safe spot to rest. With that said, we will introduce the chemical-free bassinet in the article. 

With so many options, BABYBJORN Cradle is our top choice, with tons of features other than organic construction. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Our Top Pick


  • Soft and Transparent mesh
  • Rocking movement
  • Weightless
  • Comfortable nap
Simple and stylish baby bjorn cradle
Best Non Toxic Bassinet

List of the Best Non-Toxic Bassinet 

Finding a bassinet for a high bed is a daunting task. Here we have explored a list of the top-rated bassinets that you would love to know.


Simple and stylish baby bjorn cradle

Made from skin-friendly polyester mesh and eco-friendly wood, this bassinet has no match. It is both stylish and straightforward. The breathable mesh walls ensure air passage and keep it cool and ventilated. Further, its fabrics are durable, machine washable, and made of nontoxic material. Its high quality and safe material make it one of the best organic bassinets. From the material used in its construction to its material, it does not use any chemical flame retardants or any toxic components. 

Moreover, it is simple to use and a lightweight design that makes it mobile and accessible. It offers a stable sleep surface with a removable and machine washable sheet. If you are looking for a stable and sturdy bassinet, this is the right choice. 


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Simple and stylish 
  • Its material and construction made it fully secure, safe, and skin-friendly 
  • Highly breathable bassinet


  • A low height that does not match with many beds
  • Not an ideal bassinet for traveling 

Bottom line

This JPMA-certified bassinet is suitable for babies with delicate skins as it has all safety features. Your baby can sleep in it comfortably and peacefully.

2. SNOO Smart Sleeper

Lightweight wooden co sleeper

Our runner-up product is a high-tech baby sleeper offering built-in soothing and rocking features. It provides long hours of safe and relaxing sleep. Featuring robust and sturdy construction, this bassinet is also made of non-toxic material that makes it a chemical-free bassinet. 

For fussy babies, it is the best solution that helps them calm down and lulls them to sleep. Since it detects cries and responds by soothing them with gentle motions. If you are a lactating mother or someone who is recovering from C-section, you want a bassinet that is easy to attach to the bed. And SNOO Smart Sleeper is a breeze for those moms. Also, you don’t need to put your efforts into setting up this unit, it is pretty simple to assemble this unit. 


  • Works in smart technology 
  • Easy to use, breathable, and smart technology 
  • Stylish design with chemical-free material
  • SNOO detects baby’s cry and calms baby automatically 


  • Heavy and non-mobile 

Bottom line

This bassinet not only claims safety and other perks but also offers what it promises. It ensures that babies sleep long hours comfortably and as a result, parents also enjoy happy sleep hours.

3. Organic Baby Nest by LaLaMe

portable organic baby nest

While getting a non-toxic bassinet for your baby, have you missed out on an organic baby nest? Well, LaLaMe offers this premium organic baby nest made of organic material. Since it contains hypoallergenic cotton, it is safe and secure for your baby’s skin. Your baby remains comfortable and won’t get overheated as it is made of breathable cotton. 

Further, if your baby has messed up with this launger you can machine wash it and clean it easily. Also, it has water-resistant fabric that saves it from any spills, diaper leaks, and mess. Sleeping next to your baby is easy and comfortable with this launger. 


  • Comfortable and soothing for babies 
  • Certified organic fiber 
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and portable 


  • Suitable for babies up to a few months. 

Bottom line

With non-toxic material, it guarantees a safe and clean environment for babies to rest. This portable and lightweight launger offer a comfortable spot and allow babies to sleep in-home and while on go.

4. Lotus Travel Crib

Lotus crib for traveling

What’s better than a bassinet that is both an ultra-portable infant’s travel bed and toddler bed at the same time? Lotus Travel crib is a great innovation that is spacious, sturdy, lightweight, and easy to assemble. Its lightweight frame makes it easy to set up. You can fold it within minutes and pack it in a bag to carry it with you anywhere. Additionally, it is wide enough to accommodate a baby up to 3 years of age. 

When it comes to safety and chemical-free material, you can count on this as one of the best non-toxic travel cribs. You will be sure to have this only travel crib that has GreenGuard Gold non-toxic certification. Further, if you want to play with your baby, it has a side zipper door. Just unzip it and play and cuddle with your baby for long hours comfortably.


  • Safest and non-toxic material 
  • Ideal for infants and toddlers 
  • Easy to clean and set up 
  • Lightweight and spacious 


  • A bit unstable 
  • Its velcro strap needs improvement 

Bottom line

Lotus Travel Crib is a durable and safe material for infants and toddlers. It is comfortable, easy to set up, and portable.

5. Tadpoles Line Stitched Moses

natural wood portable moses

Your baby deserves a safe position to rest. This Moses basket provides a safe alternative to a bassinet for babies to rest. Made from woven palm leaves, it is a safe and non-toxic snuggling quarter for little champs. Its small size and soothing surface make it a perfect choice for babies up to 15 pounds. 

No matter where you take it with your baby, he will enjoy sleeping for hours on this mossy foam padded surface. Besides, carrying these Moses from one place to another is a breeze. Wondering to gift it to your friend or relative? Sure, it’s the best giftable product. 


  • Well-ventilated
  • Constructed from natural wood 
  • Soft padded and comfortable area 


  • Lacks sturdiness 

Bottom line

This small moses is portable, safe, and comfortable for babies. Even though, patents find it a great product since it allows them to carry it with them and have an eye on the baby resting in it.

6. Arm’s Reach Bassinet

best bassinet for c section and breast feeding

If you are following the American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep guidelines, this bassinet allows you to do so. It offers a co-sleeping option and assures that your baby is resting comfortably. Whether you are rehabilitating after C-section or your baby is breastfeeding, this bassinet is for you. 

It has followed all the safety protocols and is made from non-toxic material. From its mesh sides, you can see your baby whenever you want. Also, the mesh sides keep this bassinet well-ventilated at all times. Moreover, you will find everything you want for your baby’s bed with this bassinet. 


  • Large storage pockets 
  • Spacious and well-ventilated 
  • 2-in-1 options; freestanding and co-sleeping bassinet
  • Sturdy construction 


  • A bit tough to assemble 

Bottom line

 This non-toxic bassinet is a safe choice for babies. It is designed with ease and safety of both moms and babies. With so many features and sturdy construction, it’s the parent’s first choice looking for bassinets.

7. Delta Children Wooden Chemical Free Bassinet

delta children wooden chemical-free bassinet

Delta Children offers this natural co-sleeper that helps your baby enjoy a peaceful sleep. This wooden bassinet is made of a durable wood frame that stands for years. Also, it’s simple yet gender-neutral design makes it the best fit with any decor. You won’t find any place more safe and comfortable than this bassinet to offer a soothing sleep to your babies. It has passed and met all industry safety standards. Delta Children has promised to deliver safety and affordability. And, in fact, it makes true commitments.

Is carrying this wooden bassinet a challenge? I heard you asked! You might think that this wooden bassinet would be heavy and can cause trouble moving. Well, this is not true with this bassinet. It is lightweight and allows easy transport from one place to another. Further, it ensures generous airflow with its mesh sidewalls. Additionally, it allows you to place many baby items on its large storage shelf.


  • Large storage shelf 
  • Safe side sleeper
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Eco-friendly material 


  • Unstable

Bottom line

Delta wooden bassinet is a safe, mindful, clean, and innovative solution for babies that offers a calming sleep in an eco-friendly space. You can keep the baby close to you in this breezy bassinet that is also certified for its safety and durability features.

FAQs for Best Non Toxic Bassinet

You can reap the following benefits of the best non-toxic bassinet: 

  • Eco friendly and contributes to the green environment
  • Safe for babies having delicate skin 
  • Free from chemicals that can affect the health of babies 

Toxic and lethal chemicals that can lead to allergies and asthma should not be included in your baby’s bassinet. Here are a few chemicals that a bassinet should not contain. 

  • Formaldehyde 
  • PolyBrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) 
  • Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs 
  • Triphosphates such as TCPP or TDCPP 

Mainly, it is divided into two parts based on materials. The first one includes a frame made of non-toxic metal, plastic, and woven grass. The second part consists of a mattress that should be made of organic material containing little to no chemicals. 


One of the best decisions you can make as a parent is offering your baby an organic or non-toxic bassinet. After reading this article, it would be easy for you to get the one that caters to your needs. Moreover, take a peek at our top three recommendations that we have made for you. 

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