Shopping for the newborn can get quite tiring when it comes to swings and bassinets. There are hundreds of models available with different features and designs that new parents are perplexed about what to buy!

In the bassinet section, you must have gone through the vibration feature along with the music. The brands claim that these bassinets provide good stimulation for babies to feel asleep or that babies tend to be happier and more playful in them.

Is Vibrating Bassinet Safe

But vibration and good?

Can this be possible?

Yes! Apart from all the harmful vibrations, we have read about everywhere these bassinets are designed with harmless and negligible levels so that your little one is always safe.

So if you are still thinking about whether is vibration bad for babies or not or can the baby sleep in a vibrating bassinet, here we have all the answers for you!

How do vibrating bassinets work?

Vibrating bassinets have small circuitry attached to them that is battery-powered. This vibrating circuit is either within the chassis or there is a vibrating bassinet pad attached to it. Tiny little electrical waves move through the bassinet that provides an effect of mild rocking or gentle patting to the baby. Also, these vibrations do give a slight heat that gives the baby a feeling of a womb or mother’s arm.

A vibrating crib or bassinet also has an integrated rocking or sometimes music option that soothes the baby from continued crying or when they are fussy. Babies are used to vibrating rhythms of the mother’s heart and body so the vibrating bassinet is made on a similar waveform to mimic the womb.

Are vibrating bassinets safe for babies?

Although the effect of vibration on infants, in general, is not something we would like. We have always listened and read to keep babies out of range from areas where vibrations are high as they can affect them adversely.

But vibrations can also have some good effects if monitored properly and used in safe ranges. Vibrations in a vibrating bassinet are limited up to a safe level and are certified by health authorities and pediatricians. These vibrations are for minimal soothing and won’t do any harm to the baby.

Benefits of using vibrating bassinets

Let’s have a look at the pros of buying a vibrating bassinet for your baby’s nursery:

Sleeps quickly

Babies in their early weeks of life always crave the womb and its warmth and feel. With too much sound and vibrations inside the body, they are used to that environment. With a vibrating bassinet, the babies feel like they are inside the womb or are on the chest feeling the heartbeat and going to sleep instantly and more comfortably.

Longer naps

You must have known about the startle reflex in small babies. They can get disturbed even with a slightly loud bang on the door. So to make them feel safe and cozy vibrations play a great role. With a vibrating bassinet, they have longer nap times and get startled less often.

Bedtime routine development

With a repeated pattern of putting them in the vibrating bassinet, they will recognize it, and hence a bedtime routine is formed. So whenever you put them into the bassinet their mind will take it as a sign to fall asleep and they will go on a dream journey without you having to cradle them for hours.

Promotes breathing in preemies

Premature babies don’t have a proper breathing system developed and hence it is common for them to forget breathing for some time. A vibrating stimulus reminds them to breathe and promotes better breathing exercises. So a vibrating bassinet is great if your munchkin has arrived some weeks early.

Helps with colic

Colicky babies can get super clingy, fussy, and hard to console for mamas. So for all the new moms that are near to bursting into tears due to colicky newborns, here is some good news for you. Vibrating bassinets provide calm and warmth to the stomach and if you lay your baby on their tummy over the surface this can greatly help with the colic pain, gas, and burping issues.

Calms fussy and crying babies

Vibrating bassinets are great to mimic the mom’s lap or womb and hence to calm a fussy and irritated baby they can be much help. Also, vibrations combined with music or white noise can create an inner body environment and babies can recognize it as their safe place and fall asleep or calm down when they are hysterically crying. This gives the moms some spare time to rest or have a moment of peace in such chaos.

Why vibrating bassinets might not be a good idea?

With so many pros there are some cons too. The first one is the difference in the price of bassinets with vibration mode from the regular ones. The vibrating bassinets are expensive. Also, high levels of vibration or using them for long periods can be a cause of shaken head syndrome or spikes in a baby’s heartbeat. Vibration can also heat the crib and may get the baby extra warm or in some rare cases has been a cause of the fire.

Summing it up!

There are loads of benefits of investing in a good vibrating crib and your baby can surely sleep in a vibrating bassinet safely. But make sure to use them for smaller periods and don’t leave the vibration on for the whole night as the babies can get addicted to them.

Use of every technology within limits is safe and healthy and the vibrating bassinet is safe to use if monitored all the time and used only as a soothing gadget, not a permanent habit.

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