First-time moms are overwhelmed by everything. Be it baby’s shopping or packing for the hospital, they are always in the puzzle of what to do.

If you have a little bundle of joy coming soon, you must list things and gears to buy. While buying a bassinet might arise the question of how long you can use a bassinet.

how long can use a bassinet

Honestly, it won’t be long, but it will pay off greatly. Bassinets are cheaper than cribs and if you are not designing a nursery presently, then buying a bassinet instead of investing in the crib is wise.

Is buying a bassinet worth it?

Bassinets are smaller than cribs and tend to get out of use quickly. The maximum you can use a bassinet is six months, which is rare, and most babies outgrow them at 3 to 4 months of age.

But still, we will recommend you buy a bassinet for your newborn. Here is why:

It’s cozy and warm

Bassinets are tiny and cozy spaces that provide a snuggling and warming effect to the newborn. It will mimic the womb, and they will feel more secure and cuddled up than in the crib, which has more space where they feel lonely and cold.

You can attach it to the bed

Bassinets can function as co-sleepers, and you can simply place them beside your bedside or near it so that you can sleep near your little one without any risk of SIDS or accidents. This way, babies feel safer, and they can sleep peacefully.

It’s lightweight and portable

Bassinets are super easy to carry around and are portable. So whether you are in the kitchen cooking or watching TV in the living room, you can keep your munchkin with you all the time in the bassinet. Also, bassinets can be attached to car seats, and you can take them anywhere you want to, so you don’t have to carry them all the time in your arms when outside or at any event.

You can fit it in the stroller

The bassinet can be fixed easily in your stroller, so fix the bassinet inside the pram, and off you go. It is excellent for newborns who are not too secure to place in the pram directly. So with a bassinet, they can sleep peacefully while you can have a walk or stroll in the mall.

Cradling and vibration modes

The great thing about bassinets is they are so versatile these days. You get so many modes like swinging, cradling, and vibration. This gives the effect of carrying them in arms, and they will fall asleep on their own. It also helps a lot with colic and calms the fussiness during sleep regression days.

Music, night lights, and white noise

Bassinets also come with musical cot mobiles and night lights so you can peek at your baby in dark and white noise to calm them and fall into the world of dreams. These additional features are excellent for keeping your baby engaged when you are busy with some work. Also, they learn independent play and develop motor skills.

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Easy to feed the baby at night

Bassinets are not too deep like cribs and are also taller. So it is easy to pick up the baby from it to feed and change diapers at night. Newborns tend to feed very frequently at night, so if you have them in another room or far away, your sleep will be disturbed. Baby in a bassinet by the bedside will add more to your comfort.

So when is it time to shift the baby from the bassinet?

The bassinet lasts about four months on average, but that can vary from baby to baby. How long you can use your bassinet depends on the following factors:

Reach Weight and height limits

The maximum height and weight limits of bassinets are 35 inches and 20 pounds, respectively. If your baby has grown to the maximum height and weight, then it’s time to shift them to a bigger crib or bed, whatever you like.

The Baby’s age is over six months

At six months of age, babies start sitting, pulling them upwards. It can be super risky to leave them in the bassinet unattended. Bassinets have very low edges and can easily fall over.

Milestones like rolling over or sitting up achieved

At three months, babies start moving or rolling over. However, reaching milestones is different for every baby. Once your baby starts rolling over or trying to move on its back, it’s time to say goodbye to the bassinet.

Safety concerns from falling or touching edges

Newborns move their hands and legs at super-fast speed. If you have a healthy baby whose hand or legs are touching the edges, it’s time to leave the bassinet. Their hands or feet can get stuck in the mesh or chaffed with constant hitting. Also, they should feel too stuffed and have some free space, which is necessary for their healthy growth.


Bassinets are short-term used baby gear, but they are worth every penny spent on them. Get a bassinet for your baby that gives you extra features and is not too expensive so that your heart doesn’t ache when you have to pack them back after a few months!

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