Having twins? You might be overwhelmed with a feeling of joy and at the same time wonder how to offer a comfortable sleep to babies? Nothing can defeat the best bassinet for twins as they allow you the comfort of being able to place your babies in a snuggle quarter that follows American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines.

Instead of gathering a lot of stuff for each baby, you need to show some wisdom to shop smart. If you are in a hurry, then consider our best pick HALO Bassinet Twin Sleeper.

Our Top Pick

HALO Bassinest Twin

  • Polyester sheets
  • Stable and adjustable stand
  • Swivels around 360°
Best Bassinet for Twins

This co-sleeper is an excellent alternative to bed-sharing. It makes parenting easy for you and offers a cozy sleep to babies, and without breaking a sweat, you can nurse your little gems in it. Despite all bells and whistles, this simplistic yet great model swivels around in all directions.

Babies are accustomed to staying together in the womb, and after birth, they want the same feeling of togetherness and warmth. Bassinets offer a tight snuggle quarter to babies and help their transition into the world.

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Best Bassinet for Twins

Moreover, it makes parenting more effortless. You can nurse them comfortably without exhausting yourself. Also, it saves your money and solves the twin sleeping dilemma.

List of the best bassinet for twins with their two striking features

  1. HALO Bassinet Twin Sleeper – Swivels around 360 degrees and provides a safe co-sleeping area
  2. Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery – Multifunctional bassinet that is easy to clean and spacious
  3. Simmons Kids Bassinet for Twins – Well built spacious bassinet that is easy to assemble
  4. Baby Trend Retreat Twins Nursery – Changing station and two separate bassinets with canopies
  5. Graco Pack ‘n Play – Inexpensive, easy to fold, and spacious play yards
  6. Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center – Built-in electronic center and two removable rock-a-bye bassinets and play yard.

Twin bassinets offer a perfect sleeping arrangement for your growing family. Selecting the best bassinet for twins is not an arbitrary process.

We know that it is critical for you to choose the right product. So, we have scrutinized the twin bassinets and selected the best products.

Our selection is based on extensive research and after garnering evidence and positive reviews of parents, we have distilled the top six best bassinets and included them in this write-up. In the next section, we have provided a fair product review with pros and cons. Hopefully, it becomes easy for you to choose the right product for you.

1. HALO Bassinet Twin Sleeper

Best Bassinet for Twins

Halo bassinet for twins is our top pick that is loaded with a ton of features. It swivels around 360 degrees, and you can reach your babies easily. So, it eliminates all annoyances related to accessing the baby during nighttime. 

Rocking the twins at once is a bit of a difficult task. But with the rotating feature of this bassinet, you can rock your twins at once.

You can maneuver the baby in and out of the bassinet without making any bad posture that can put stress on your back. Place your forearms on the sides of the sleeper, the sides lower, and you can access your baby.

It is covered by mesh that keeps it airy and allows you to see the baby resting in his sleeper. The middle mesh divides the bassinet into two compartments and provides a separate section to each baby. You might wonder if it is safe to place the twins in one bassinet. This twin sleeper considers all the safety factors, and your babies can snuggle in the sleeper that is separated by a mesh divider. So, they can hear and see each other while being in their area.

A baby needs a nightlight, vibrations, and soothing sounds to sleep. The soothing center of the bassinet contains all these relaxing features that lull the baby to sleep.

If you fell asleep while feeding the baby, its back-to-bed reminder alerts you to put the baby back in his sleeping place. So it is a great feature for those parents who are struggling to get a comfortable sleep on those hard nights in the beginning.

You can attach the sleeper with your bed, and its feet slide under your bed to attach it adjacent to your bed. Moreover, you can adjust its height according to your bed.

It is a safe sleeping area for newborn babies. When your babies reach up to 20 pounds or when they start rolling, you can replace the bassinet with cribs as cribs accommodate large babies easily.

Although you can use the Halo twin bassinet for babies for a limited time, it values the money and offers safety, comfort, and sound sleep to twins.

This twin sleeper provides individual items for each baby. You can get two sheets, two waterproof mattresses, and two side pockets with this unit. In the side pockets, you can separately place the diapers, changing sheets, burping cloths, etc. 


  • Soothing center
  • Swivels around 360 degrees
  • Adjusted upto the bed height
  • Ventilated
  • Beautiful colors and design


  • Suitable for babies weighing 20 pounds
  • Expensive

Bottom line

It is a perfect solution for those moms who are recovering from the trauma of childbirth. So without getting out of bed, you can reach your babies easily. The babies can get a safe and soothing sleep in this sleeper. Also, it is a great choice for those who have limited space in their room.

2. Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery

joovy twin bassinet

Our next product is a budget pick that is a multifunctional bassinet and is present at budget-friendly rates. Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery offers a wide nursery space where your twins can sleep together. Although it is a single spacious nursery for twins, you can divide it into two halves by placing a removable center divider.

Moreover, you can change this multifunctional bassinet into a playpen by removing its mattress where little ones can play and have fun.

This lightweight yet sturdy bassinet is made of an aluminum frame and has 9.5 pounds weight that makes it mobile. Also, it has wheels that allow it to move anywhere. So, moms who are in the rehabilitation phase can easily carry this bassinet.

One more advantage of this lightweight bassinet is that it can be adjusted in a small space. It lacks bulky parts, so it occupies less space.

We loved its diaper changer, the area is pretty spacious and its height is quite sufficient. Without bending down, you can easily change the diaper of your babies. The changing table can accommodate the weight up to 25 pounds, and each bassinet can hold the babies up to 15 pounds in weight. So as a whole, the bassinets can hold the babies up to 30 pounds.

Dealing with twins is not an easy task many things are waiting for your way, and most of the time you feel exhausted. So, you need to manage all the simple to complex tasks. But with a joovy twin bassinet, you become relaxed and do not need to bother about its assembly. Yes, it is simple to assemble and disassemble.

Most of us choose the bassinets for neonates because they are safe and recommended by guidelines mentioned American Academy of Pediatrics.

In addition to protecting babies from the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, it also offers protection from harmful chemicals because its material is chemical-free.

Moreover, its design is simple and does not contain any pointed edges or projections that can harm the baby.


  • Spacious and airy
  • Multifunctional bassinet, changing table, and playpen
  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek design and sturdy construction
  • Affordable


  • Lacks organizer to store accessories of babies

Bottom line

This single product has many striking features that make it worth considering for all moms. You can use it as a bassinet that is spacious to accommodate two babies. Its changing table allows you to do the cleaning task easily. Babies can play in the playpen when they outgrow the bassinets. You can move this unit from one place to another.

3. Simmons Kids Bassinet for Twins

best bassinet for twins

Simmons Kids, a well-known juvenile furniture brand, has introduced this bassinet for twins in 2020. In a short period, it has got so much popularity. And many positive reviews have urged us to add this product to our list of the best bassinet for twins.

It features a huge sleeping space that is separated by a partition. Babies would love to see each other through the mesh divider. One important point about the divider is that it cannot be removed and stays attached to the center of the bassinet.

Surely, you want to keep your babies close to you. With its adjustable height option, you can place your baby at the level of your eyes and easily adjust its height to slide over your couch. Its wheels are maneuverable, and you can pull it near your bed. In this way, it becomes easier for you to attend to your babies late at night, and you are not required to get out of your bed to lift the babies.

Plus, its side pockets are useful, and you can place your baby’s essentials in them. If your babies create a mess during the nighttime, you can clean it without any hassle. As its side pockets come in handy, and you can access the diapers and wipes placed in them.

Furthermore, its elegant design, sturdy construction reinforces the beauty of this appliance. The neutral colors of this bassinet make it fit and compatible with any nursery theme.

Despite the beautiful design, it meets all safety standards and is JPMA certified. Mothers will no longer be concerned about the safety of their babies. This product is secure for babies as it contains polyester mesh walls that keep the bassinet ventilated. So, babies up to 15 pounds can sleep in this airy bassinet.


  • Adjustable height up to 5 levels
  • Can be placed next to your bed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Beautiful colors and design
  • Well-built and neutral colors
  • Polyester mesh sides for breathability


  • Lacks many accessories
  • You can fold it compactly

Bottom line

It comes with all perks that make it worth the investment. The slim base slides under the bed, and you can tuck it close to your bed. Mesh walls allow the exchange of air and save your baby from the risk of suffocation. The side pockets of mesh are spacious to hold the baby’s items.

4. Baby Trend Retreat Twins Nursery

twins bassinet

Are you worried about your twin’s sleeping arrangements? Baby Trend caters to every need of the parents of twins. It comes with two removable bassinets, and each rock-a-Bye sleeper has an individual canopy.

The added canopies provide protection from sunlight and shields the sharp light that disturbs the babies. Two hanging toys are attached to each canopy and entertain the babies.

Besides toys, its music center provides a perfect source of entertainment. The music player has different sounds that include nature sounds and melodies to soothe the babies.

Babies have experienced the vibrations in the womb, and when they get cranky, these vibrations calm the babies and soothe them as in the womb. Also, the rocking motion is another feature that provides comfort to the babies. Moms can adjust the rhythm of the rocking movements and these rocking motions lull the baby to sleep.

The lockable wheels allow you to take it anywhere, and it offers safety and brakes provide control to your unit. You can also carry each bassinet individually with its handle.

Since babies create a mess and to clean the mess, you often feel trouble. But with this unit, it becomes easy for you to clean the mess. The changing table allows you to quickly change the diaper, and you can place diapers, changing sheets, and wipes on it. During the night, the changing process becomes easier for you as it contains the night light that makes the whole changing process easier for you.

The twin bassinet is suitable for infants up to 15 pounds, and when the babies exceed this limit, you can turn it into a play yard that is suitable for babies weighing up to 30 pounds.


  • Lightweight
  • Assembly and disassembly is easy
  • Two separate bassinets with canopies and handle
  • Music center containing night light, sounds, and vibrations
  • Changing station and organizer


  • To use it as a changing table, you need to remove one bassinet
  • Expensive

Bottom line

This multifunctional unit is a great choice for those who want a bassinet and a play yard in a single unit. This mobile unit comes with lockable wheels. Also, it has a music center and changing table that offers convenience to parents.

5. Graco Pack ‘n Play

Graco twin bassinet

Graco has launched many amazing baby products that make it a best-rated brand. The introduction of Pack ‘n Play has made parenting easier for moms with twins.

You can move it anywhere in your home since its wheels are highly maneuverable. Besides moving it at home you can also take it with you while traveling. It offers compact folding and

requires minimum space for storage. The bag provided with this unit is helpful to pack this unit when not in use. 

One more noteworthy feature of this unit is that it has mentioned the weight limit and height limit for babies. The babies up to 15 pounds can rest in the bassinet, and the play yard accommodates babies up to 30 pounds. But keep in mind that you need to follow the height recommendations that are up to 35 inches.

This unit has a removable Graco twin bassinet which once removed turned into a play yard. It provides ample room for babies where they can play and put their toys. Indeed, it is an economical unit that offers value for money.

Its height is adequate and without stooping, you can access the babies in the bassinets. The canopies are added to each bassinet and provide shade that prevents the room lights from distracting the babies.

Although it has wheels that make it a mobile unit. But this unit is wider than the average door frame of a room. It is 35 inches in width. So its mobility is limited to a room. You need to take it apart to carry it to other areas of the home.

The unit offers a single large mattress for both bassinets, and this mattress is quite firm and gives a comfortable area for babies to rest. Babies can get enough airflow through the mesh. The skin-friendly mesh provides ventilation and prevents the bassinet from overheating.


  • Affordable
  • Two removable bassinets
  • Can be turned into a play yard
  • Easy to fold
  • Portable
  • Mesh sides make it ventilated


  • Difficult to wash the single mattress
  • Lacks changing table

Bottom line

Graco pack ‘n play provides cozy snuggle quarters for twins where they can sleep comfortably. You can remove the bassinets and turn them into a play yard. If you want to keep your babies close to you then it is a great option that you will love.

6. Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

double bassinet for twins

Baby trend twin nursery center is a great solution for families having twins. The unit has two rock-a-bye bassinets. You can individually lift each bassinet by its handle and move it around the house.

Due to its weight, you might feel it heavy to lift, so its wheels would let you roll it anywhere in your room. The brakes of the wheels offer security to this unit.

While carrying it outdoors, its canopy protects babies from sunlight. It provides all facilities to parents while traveling. Also, its changing station assists the moms to change the diapers of babies when they are traveling. You can place the diapers and wipes on the tray provided with the diaper changer.

Admittedly, bassinets are used for a limited period. You might be wondering what to do when the babies outgrow their bassinets? Don’t worry you can still place your baby in this unit while still using it as a player. You don’t need to get rid of this unit, as the play yard enhances the lifespan of this unit.

Mesh walls secure adequate circulation of air and at the same time allows you to see your babies resting comfortably in the unit. Also, the siblings can see each other through the mesh placed between their sleeping zones.

Till now we have come to know that this double bassinet for twins is good in terms of protecting twins and in providing relief to stressful moms. Now let’s talk about its mattress.

Unlike traditional mattresses, this double bassinet has a firm yet comfortable mattress that fulfills most of the safety standards. Moreover, it is easy to wash and you can simply wipe it off.

The manufacturers know the fact that music gives a soothing effect on the mind of babies and it helps to stimulate the sleep of babies. Keeping this fact in mind they have added a music player to the set of accessories provided with this unit.

Besides music players, its vibrating feature also calms the fussy babies. If you feel that these features are insufficient to relax your babies, you can avail of its rocking feature that gently rocks the babies and puts them to deep sleep.


  • The music center soothes the babies
  • Lockable wheels
  • Two removable bassinets
  • Changing station
  • Safe and secure for babies
  • Easy to use


  • A bit small for twins

Bottom line

Two rock-a-bye bassinets are removable and give comfortable sleep to babies. When babies outgrown the bassinets, you can convert them into a play yard. Moreover, its lockable wheels allow you to take it anywhere.

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FAQs for Best bassinet for twins

The main purpose of the bassinet is to offer a safe and cozy sleep to babies.

Double bassinets allow the babies to place next to each other. The mesh divider divides the bassinet into two halves and babies can rest in their separate snuggle quarters. If you have less space in the room, the double bassinets are useful as they occupy less space.

On the flip side, two single bassinets have benefits that make them considerable for parents. Single bassinets allow you to move one bassinet in a different room. So if one baby is crying and the other is sleeping, you can move the crying baby to another room without disturbing the other baby.  

Both have their advantages, you can choose a bassinet that fits your budget and meets your demands.

The best bassinet for twins accommodates the babies and provides safe sleep to babies. Here are a few characteristics of twin bassinets.

  1. It provides spacious space for both babies
  2. Made of chemical-free materials and is skin-friendly
  3. Contains mesh sidewalls that are airy
  4. Portable and mobile
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Easy to assemble and disassemble
  7. Converted into a play yard
  8. Contains additional accessories
  9. Adjustable height

Bed-sharing with parents as well as with siblings is not recommended. Sudden infant death syndrome (SID) is a lethal syndrome caused by suffocation and bed-sharing is a predisposing factor of SIDS, and it increases its risk. Twins can not share a single bassinet as it is not recommended. But a double bassinet that is spacious and divided by a mesh is recommended as it nullifies the effect of SIDS. Also, two separate bassinets attached to the same frame are safe for babies.


Bassinets are great sleeping spots for babies who are transitioning outside the womb to life. Different factors act to make parenting twins a much complex task. Parents make every endeavor to provide comfort to their babies., and they are doubly dedicated to catering to all needs of their babies. To offer a cozy sleep to babies, parents opt for a twin bassinet. 

In this write-up, we have mentioned the top six best bassinets for twins. If you want a unit that offers all the convenient features, the HALO twins bassinet is a great choice that makes those tough nights easy for you.

Our top pick: HALO Bassinet Twin Sleeper

Budget pick: Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery

Best brand: Simmon Kids and Baby Trend

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