A bassinet or co-sleeper that does not fit well according to your bed’s height is a pain. Tired of improvising your bassinet with extenders and rails? The best Bassinet for a tall bed is the solution that you are looking for! Luckily, in this article, we have compiled a list of bassinets that come with different height ranges compatible with your bed. Also, they have checked all boxes covering flexibility, safety, sturdiness, and comfort.

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Our Top Pick

Simmons Kids Oval City Sleeper

  • High quality material
  • Mesh sidewalls for ventilation
  • Suitable for newborns
adjustable oval shape bassinet for kids
Best Bassinet For Tall Bed

List of the 6 Best Bassinet For Tall Bed

Finding a bassinet for a high bed is a daunting task. Here we have explored a list of the top-rated bassinets that you would love to know.

BassinetsProductsOur ScorePrice 
Simmons Kids Oval City SleeperSimmons Kids Oval City Sleeper
Unilove-Hug-Me-Plus-Bedside-SleeperUnilove Hug Me Plus Bedside Sleeper
Papablic-2-in-1-Anio-Baby-BassinetPapablic 2-in-1 Anio Baby Bassinet
Simmons-Kids-Bassinet-1Simmons Kids Bassinet
Mika Micky Baby BassinetMika Micky Baby Bassinet
RONBEI Bedside SleeperRONBEI Bedside Sleeper

1. Simmons Kids Oval City Sleeper

adjustable oval shape bassinet for kids

One of the most challenging parenting tasks is getting your baby to sleep through the night. If your baby is tall it becomes tough to find the right place where he can sleep comfortably. Fortunately, Simmons kids sleeper bassinet being the tallest bedside bassinet lets your baby sleep 16 hours per day. There is a z-shaped frame that makes it easy to slide under a bed. With that said, you can keep your baby close to your bed and at eye level.

With the Simmons, your baby will be able to relax in a safe, comfy area where he can nap comfortably. Since it is a portable bassinet and fitted with wheels, you can easily move it anywhere. It is also equipped with five adjustable height positions, making it adaptable to a variety of beds and sofas. Plus, there are plenty of storage pockets on the sides for keeping some essentials on this versatile baby bassinet.


  • Adjustable height up to 5 different levels
  • Suitable for newborns to babies up to 5 months
  • Mesh sidewalls for ventilation
  • Spacious enough having wide compartments for placing baby’s items
  • Sturdy construction and made from high-quality material


  • Bassinet leans to one side
  • The mesh side panels do not provide enough view of baby

Bottom line

This bassinet is our top choice for the tallest beds. It allows you to soothe your baby sleeping close to you and strengthen your bond with the little munchkin. This lightweight, portable, and durable bassinet will sure to offer the best place he deserves.

2. Unilove Hug Me Plus Bedside Sleeper

bedside sleeper for tall bed

It is hard to think of anything better than a bassinet offering 3-in-1 functionality. Whether you want a bedside sleeper, a traditional crib, or a travel crib, this versatile bassinet is a perfect choice. Further, it makes sure that you can transit it from one mode to another mode. What’s more, It has large side panels that provide a clear view of the baby resting in it. Moreover, the mesh panels allow adequate suffocation and ensure that your baby does not feel suffocated while lying in this bassinet. Furthermore, they are used to keep out the light and prevent cold air from entering.

And did we mention that it was secured high for its stability? Yes, the telescoping feet, stabilizing bar, wheel locks, and patented safety locks contribute to the stability factor. While taking it outdoors, the carry bag offers convenience for carrying it anywhere. And that is not all! With its 7 height level adjustability options, you can keep it at the level of the bed of any height or sofas.


  • Versatile bassinet
  • It offers easy conversion from one mode to another
  • Comfortable, chemical-free, and eco-friendly mattress
  • 7 height adjustability options
  • Large mesh sidewalls for clear visibility and airflow


  • Separate mattress sheets are not present
  • Pretty expensive

Bottom line

The Unilove Hug me Plus bassinet guarantees innovative comfort and is the best fit for an extra tall bassinet. Moreover, if your baby has sensitive skin, its non-toxic material keeps your baby safe.

3. Papablic 2-in-1 Anio Baby Bassinet

Papablic bassinet for high bed

The newborn needs a space all to themselves where he can feel safe and secure. Papablic 2-in-1 bassinet is more than a bassinet that offers all comfort that a baby wants. Parents prefer this bassinet for a variety of reasons, including its adjustable height options and portability. Moreover, it is made of top-notch material and has a sturdy construction. You can place it next to your parent’s beds at night. This way you can reduce the distance a parent must travel to feed or check on their child. You can keep an eye on the baby through its side mesh walls and it also allows ventilation.

Want to move this bassinet from one place to another? It is possible to roll a bassinet from room to room with casters attached. While you are relaxing on the couch, you can roll the baby placed in this adjustable height bassinet into the living room. A bassinet provides more comfort to moms recovering from a C-section. The sides of this bassinet can be pulled down. So, it makes it easy for mommies recovering from a c-section to lift their babies and place them in the bassinet. Since it meets the ASTM and CPSC standards, you don’t have to worry about your baby relaxing in it.


  • Soft mesh sidewalls
  • Portable and mobile
  • Adjustable height levels
  • Bedside sleeper and standalone bassinet
  • Ideal for tall babies


  • Not suitable for babies more than 6 months of age
  • A bit pricier

Bottom line

This bassinet with tons of features allows you to carry it anywhere. It provides a comfortable spot for your babies to sleep. You can adjust its height and use it as a bedside sleeper.

4. Simmons Kids Bassinet

Baby co sleeper for high bed

A spacious bedside sleeper for a tall bed is all that a mother wants. Having Simmons Kids Bassinet allows you to adjust its height to any bed height. If you are reluctant to bed-sharing or follow American Academy of Pediatric guidelines, this bedside bassinet is a perfect choice. Additionally, you can tuck its wheels beneath the bed and place it next to your bed making it a bedside sleeper. Its mesh sidewalls allow an adequate exchange of air and allow you to take a peek at your baby resting in it. Since it is a tall co-sleeper with 5 adjustable height options you can place it next to your bed.

Want to get your baby’s items at late hours? Worry not! It has side pockets that can hold many baby essentials including burp clothes, diapers, pacifiers, and small toys. You can access any item placed in storage pockets without getting out of your bed. Further, if you want to move this bassinet from one room to another, its wheels allow you to take it anywhere. All in all, this bassinet is a great treat for babies recovering after C-section. It allows you to relax and get proper healing after C-section.


  • Storage pockets to keep many products
  • Perfect for beds of any size
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Easy to assemble and durable
  • Slim and sturdy construction


  • Mesh sides do not provide a clear view
  • It lacks maneuverability

Bottom line

If you are looking for a sturdy bassinet Simmons kids bassinet is the right option. You can adjust it to any height. Also, it allows you to assemble and move it conveniently.

5. Mika Micky Baby Bassinet

Micka Micky Tall bedside bassinet for babies

When it comes to the attachable bassinet, Mika Micky presents this bassinet that is attachable and also offers all the conveniences that you are looking for. One striking feature is that moms don’t need to bend or get out of their bed to reach the baby placed next to them. Also, with its two side pockets it becomes easy to get baby’s products even late at night without getting out of bed. It is used as a co-sleeper and provides a safe sleep solution for babies resting in their own space.

Further, its side mesh is breathable and ensures adequate transfer of air, and provides clear sight of the baby in the bassinet. It comes with 2 straps that help fasten it to the parent’s beds. In case you want to detach it from your parent’s bed, just open the straps, and here you go! This bassinet is designed with safety in mind, it is highly stable and does not topple over.

Want to take the bassinet from one place to another? Well, it has built-in wheels that make its mobility possible. The wheels are easy on the floor and do not damage the flooring. Furthermore, they have brakes that prevent accidents. No matter how tall the bed parents have, this bassinet has 7 adjustable height solutions that are perfect for beds ranging from 18” to 26” in height.


  • High-quality material and stable construction
  • Attachable bassinet with drop downside
  • 7 adjustable height options
  • Breathable side mesh walls


  • Not suitable for babies greater than 6 months
  • Not suitable for traveling

Bottom line

Mika Milky attachable bassinet is a great alternative to co-sleeping. You can use it as a co-sleeper or standalone bassinet, according to needs. All in all, this bassinet for high bed is loaded with all safety features, including mesh walls, stable bottom, and wheels with brakes to ensure the safe sleep of babies.

6. RONBEI Bedside Sleeper

Ronbei tallest bedside bassinet

Hunting for a safe and stable bedside sleeper? RONBEI is designed with safety in mind. This bassinet is not only attractive but also designed with a safe material to ensure the safety of the baby’s delicate skin. It meets the safety standards and this makes it a great choice for those who want a safe yet comfortable bassinet. Besides, your baby won’t get bored lying in this bassinet. Packed with entertainment and relaxing features, RONBEI has a musical box that makes the ambiance serene. The soothing sound relaxes the baby and puts the baby in deep sleep. Also, the detachable toy provides a way for babies to play and develop their milestones. The baby tries to reach and grab the toy thereby developing consciousness of the surroundings and becoming more interactive.

Even for traveling it is a good option. Since it has an easy installation process, you can assemble and disassemble it without any hassle. Additionally, its portable design makes carrying it from one place to another pretty easy. It comes with a comfortable mattress with a removable cover. If the baby has made it messy, just remove the cover and clean it easily. Not only does it have adjustable height options but also it has adjustable feet. With its 9 adjustable height options, you can make it fit any height of the bed. Besides, the side mesh walls ensure that the bassinet remains well ventilated.


  • Easy to assemble
  • 9 adjustable height options
  • Music box and toy
  • Sturdy and comfortable


  • Does not offer value for money
  • Not so stable

Bottom line

Looking for easy to set up, adjustable height, and portable side sleeper? RONBEI Bedside Sleeper is for you! It offers peaceful and soothing sleep to the baby and creates a relaxing ambiance.

FAQs for Best Bassinet For Tall Bed

Here’s a list of factors to take into account while buying it.

  • Height adjustment for your bed
  • Durability
  • Sturdiness
  • Ease to use
  • Affordability
  • Breathability

Yes, it does not offer only height adjustability features, you can get many other features in a bassinet for tall beds. You can attach and detach them from bassinets. So, it is pretty possible to use them as a side sleeper or a standalone bassinet according to your needs.


Getting a bassinet that fits with your bed is a blessing. Hopefully, this article enables you to choose a bassinet that fits your needs. If you want us to recommend our favorite bassinets, look at our recommendations.

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