Are you all set to greet your newborn baby but still have no idea to choose between bassinet vs. crib? From the addition of clothes, diapers, feeding bottles, dummies, and toys in the new to-do lists to select baby’s furniture, parenting is not an easy job. It requires a lot to consider before deciding to get the best for the baby. 

So while choosing the baby’s furniture, especially the sleeping place where an infant spends most of his time, requires parents’ attention. Bassinet or crib is an old debate, and there is a lot to know about the two.

Bassinet vs crib

It is essential to mention here that the American Academy of Pediatrics has given recommendations about infants’ safe sleep environments. It is recommended that babies share the room with parents without sharing the same sleeping surface for at least six months to 1 year of life. 

What is a Bassinet?

The bassinet has its word origin from the French word meaning ‘little basin.’ Bassinet’s meaning is ‘wicker cradle’. A bassinet is a sleeping or resting surface, mainly a small bed for infants with legs, frames, rocking, or stationary base.

bassinet meaning

You can attach them with beds as a co-sleeper, side sleeper, or bedside bassinets. Moreover, many portable models allow you to move the bassinets with you while you are traveling. 


  • Small in size, lightweight and portable
  • Made of organic material
  • Bassinets are versatile and have more features


  • Suitable for babies up to few months
  • Usually less spacious to accommodate babies essentials

What is a Crib?

baby crib

Cribs are large sized baby beds with high side rails and four walls with a mattress placed that provide a sleeping surface for babies


  • Baby cribs can carry babies for the first few years of life, i.e., up to 2-3 years
  • They are more secure and safe as they have high walls
  • They are more spacious, and babies can easily roll and move around in these baby cribs


  • Baby cribs are not portable
  • Cribsoccupy more space and not suitable for those living in small rooms
  • They are bit expensive due to their sturdiness and high quality

Transition From Bassinets to Cribs

bassinet crib combo

Bassinets are the best sleeping place to provide a comfortable sleep to neonates. It is recommended to place babies in it for the initial six months of age. Then go for the cribs after six months up to 2-3 years. 


Some factors are worth noting that direct the parents to make the transition from bassinets to cribs easily.

Weight limit of bassinet:

It is mentioned in the manual provided with the bassinets. But in case you are unable to get the weight limit of your bassinet, place your baby into a crib when his weight arrives at 15 pounds. 

Development of babies:

Some babies grow fast in terms of their physical development. If you notice that your baby’s sides start bumping with bassinets and most of the time baby looks tired, then it is an indication that there is a need to transit the baby from bassinet to crib.


You feel glad when your baby approaches the milestones of gross motor development. But at the same time, you should ponder over that baby’s rolling, and kneeling might prove risky for babies as they may fall out from the bassinet.

Steps involved in the transition 

  1. Place the baby in the crib for the first few weeks in stages, i.e., let him sleep here during the maximum time of day until he settles down here.
  2. Once the baby gets used to sleeping in a crib, instead of placing the baby’s crib in a different room, it is good to place your baby in your room resting in his crib.
  3. When you have switched the baby from your room to the baby’s room, sleep with him in his room at intervals.
  4. Make your baby’s sleeping area comfortable for him by adding dim lights and soothing white noise music.

Substitutes of transition

If you do not want to switch your baby from bassinet to crib, two alternatives are available. One of them is a mini crib, and the other is a bassinet crib combo. 

  • Mini cribs being smaller in size than standard cribs are a suitable option for those parents who have small bedrooms and want to place the babies in their rooms. 
    So they are the best alternatives that do not require a transition from bassinet to crib. 
  • Getting a combination unit with features of the bassinet and the crib is an excellent choice for those who feel transitioning the sleeping places of babies a daunting task. The best example is the bassinet crib combo.

Bassinet vs. crib vs. pack n plays in terms of versatility

bassinet vs crib vs pack n play

Different snug quarters are available, and due to a variety of sleeping spaces, parents are mostly juggling between bassinet vs. crib vs. pack n play. The list of sleeping spaces is endless.

Pack n play is famous due to its multifunctionality. As the name suggests, pack n play is a portable or travel crib that can also be used as a play yard for babies to have fun in it. Due to its versatility, longevity, and cost-effectiveness, it is given more preference by some parents. 

Co-sleeper vs. bassinet vs. crib: which is safer?

In terms of safety, many parents want to know the sleeping arrangements among which is better between co-sleeper vs. bassinet vs. crib.

Co sleepers provide extensions to your bed that allow the parents to sleep with their babies without breaking any safety guidelines. They are considered best for most mothers as they give them ease to access their babies at any time.

But in terms of safety, there is no hard and fast rule to make one superior to another, but bassinets are considered safer for neonates. If you select bassinets for providing safe sleep to your baby, you’ll not regret it, as the baby bassinets 2023 have some models that provide safe co-sleeping options as co-sleeper bassinets. 

Relaxation unit among bassinet vs. crib vs. cradle

Regarding the relaxation factor among bassinet vs. crib vs. cradle, you might wonder which provides a more relaxed sleeping spot for babies to snug in. Cradle is more significant in size than a bassinet but smaller than a crib. 

Most of the babies love to sleep in a place that provides gentle rocking motions. In this regard, cradles are considered better to provide a relaxing and soothing environment as they give rocking movements and glides. 


From the endless list of different sleeping space options, available parents should select a cozy spot for their babies that meets the current safety standards.

Besides safety standards, other factors that are worth considering include available space in the room, budget, convenience, and multifunctionality. Sleeping spaces that include these features are proved as the best snuggle quarters in every aspect. 

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