How can I travel with my newborn baby easily while assuring his safe sleep? This is the question that is often raised in the mind of many frequent traveler parents. Best travel bassinets make sure that babies feel themselves at home while traveling.

Focusing on the safety guidelines mentioned by the American Academy of Paediatrics there are many options available to provide safe sleep to babies when carrying the babies outside.

Out of all options available, the best travel bassinet and travel cot with bassinet are the best snuggling zones where babies can sleep in a safe area.

Our Top Pick

Dream On Me Traveler

  • Comfortable nap
  • Sets up easily
  • Folding mechanism
portable bassinet for travel

When it comes to parenthood you need to consider many things about your baby and traveling with babies is considered a dreadful task for many parents but with the travel bassinets, you can get many helpful features that provide the perfect solution for trips.

Travel bassinets provide a familiar spot to babies where babies can sleep wherever you take them. If you are a new parent then get yourself armed properly to attempt traveling with babies, as they offer a lot to parents.

Best Travel Bassinet

To lug around on any transport the best travel bassinets for small spaces are so lightweight that you can easily carry them. Moreover, travel bassinets that fold compactly are ideal for chucking in a suitcase.

Our pick, Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet, has a folding mechanism that sets up within seconds. Babies can sleep in this unit comfortably and while traveling these bassinets are easy to assemble. You can get the full review of this bassinet in the product review section.

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There are many bassinets available but for traveling we have distilled the choice down to the top seven bassinets in this write-up.

After considering many features we have made a list of the top seven travelling bassinets. Lightweight, portable, sturdy design, easy to assemble and disassemble, safety and soothing features are the highly considerable features of a bassinet and we have made our focus on all these features and compiled the list of top-rated bassinets.

Moreover, if you want a bassinet that is compatible with flights then you can get it from our list as it has also included the best travel bassinet for airplanes as well.

List of 7 best travel bassinet

Image Product Rating Price
portable bassinet for travel Dream On Me Traveler Bassinet 9.9 Check Price
portable bassinet for travel Chicco Portable Bassinet 9.7 Check Price
best travel crib Portable Travel Crib 9.5 Check Price
best travel bassinet for airplanes Munchkin Bassinet 9.0 Check Price
bassinets in flight Lulyboo Bassinet 8.8 Check Price
travel cot bassinet Foldaway Rocking Bassinet 8.5 Check Price
travel bassinet SwaddleMe Side Sleeper 8.0 Check Price

1. Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet – Fold And Go Bassinet

portable bassinet for travel

This beautifully designed bassinet offers five adorable colorful finishes in fusion coral, cloud grey, twinkle grey, berry, and starlight blue and is one of the stylish units we’ve found.

Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet is the best travel bassinet of 2021 with modern design and easy to use.

One of the main key features of traveling bassinets is that their structure provides easy to set up so this bassinet also offers convenience to users as it has snap-on legs.

After folding this bassinet you can place it into a travel bag and happily make space for this compact folded unit while traveling.

Other pluses include mesh sides that provide breathability and visibility of the baby. It has a removable mattress which is comfortable and machine washable.

This lightweight mattress is 7.05 pounds in weight and has 34 inches in length, 17.4 inches in width, and 24.4 inches in height. From its dimensions, we can get an idea that it is spacious enough and provides a large area for babies to sleep and play. 

This lightweight bassinet can accommodate babies up to 25 pounds and you can carry it anywhere with you.


  • Ideal for traveling
  • Snap on legs
  • Removable mattress
  • Has large area
  • Modern design with five colors finishes


  • Side walls are not completely made of mesh
  • Lacks adjustable leg height

Bottom line:

Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet has an efficient folding mechanism that makes it compatible with traveling everywhere. By folding the mattress you can carry the bassinet in a travel bag that provides you the ease of traveling.

2. Chicco LullaGo Anywhere – Portable Fold Up Bassinet

portable bassinet for travel

With Chicco Lullago Anywhere Portable Bassinet you can enjoy your trips with your little gem in a very comfortable way. This travel bassinet has many useful features to make parenthood easier even in traveling. So, let’s break its features.

The forefront feature is that it is foldable and can be converted into a compact form. You can place this flat-shaped unit in a carry bag for easy travel.

Moreover, its snap-on legs are easy to assemble as well as disassemble so that you can remove the legs easily while folding the bassinet.

If the sheets or fabric become messy then you can wash these removable fabrics in the machine. With all these features, it also includes a firm mattress with a zip-off sheet that gives a large and flat napping area to infants that has a length of 25 inches and 15 inches in width. The waterproof mattress is mostly a demanding feature that most parents want.

Travel bassinets should be sturdier enough to provide good support. This stable bassinet weighing 12 pounds is the light and comfortable..

In its side pocket, you can place many little essentials of your little baby so this is also a bonus point of this bassinet.

 Although it has many useful features but some gripe that due to a gap in the center of the bassinet it adds inconvenience for many restless babies.


  • It has quick assembly and disassembly of the bassinet
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Storage pockets to place baby’s items
  • Machine washable fabrics
  • Large sleeping area
  • Portable and best for travel


  • Not meshy so less breathable for babies
  • Gap in the middle makes it uncomfortable for babies

Bottom line

Having a portable bassinet that provides a large sleeping area to babies and that can be carried easily is the utmost desire of every parent who likes traveling. So, this bassinet folds flat and can be carried easily.

3. Portable Travel Crib – Small Bed For Baby

best travel crib

With newborn babies, we mostly face many problems and one of the biggest challenges is to travel with the babies.

So considering these challenges and in order to provide the best solution to the problems, two talented parents laid the foundation of the Unilove brand.

Hug Me Plus is the most versatile bassinet on our list. Featuring seven adjustable height levels it is highly adjustable and you can place this bedside bassinet with your bed of any height.

Moreover, you can attach this bedside sleeper to your bed with fastening straps. Keeping the baby close to you for outdoor adventures makes it certain that he is sleeping next to you in a safe space.

By detaching its bar you can convert the bedside crib into a standalone unit. This transition is super easy and does not require any tools even if you want to fold it for travel purposes. This durable and stable best travel crib has telescoping feet with rotatable feet that rotates in all directions while maintaining its stability.

Surrounded by large mesh sides it provides a greater ventilated and safe environment to babies where they can snooze. Also, you can see the baby clearly through its mesh sides. The thickness of the mattress is 1.2 inches, which is ideal and recommended to provide comfort to babies.

30 pounds is the ideal and recommended weight of this bassinet that is great enough to accommodate babies up to six months. To protect the infants from mosquito bites and pets it has included a large mosquito net that provides protection and shade to babies.


  • Most versatile and stable unit
  • Height adjustment upto seven levels
  • Babies upto six months can be placed in this unit
  • Canopy provide protection to baby


  • Not affordable

Bottom line

Unilove is the best travel crib with a bassinet that provides comfortable sleep to babies in a ventilated bedside crib and also saves the baby from many harmful agents. For outdoor visits take this folded crib in the travel bag provided with it and carry it anywhere. We love this bassinet for its versatility.

4. Munchkin Bassinet – Portable Travel Bassinet For Baby

best travel bassinet for airplanes

Munchkin bassinet is ultra-lightweight with a slim design that folds flat and can be placed in the suitcase. So it is perfect for easy storage and considered the best travel bassinet for airplanes.

For babies it doesn’t matter whether you are in-home or outside the home, they just want a cozy area where they can sleep comfortably.

Brica Fold ‘n Go bassinet provides a safe sleeping environment to babies by including a firm mattress with a well-fitted sheet. The sheet and other fabrics included in this bassinet are breathable and the mattress is removable. From its mesh side panels circulation of air is maintained.

Whether you are going for a cross-country trip or planning to visit a relative you want to keep your newborn baby with you. This best budget bassinet provides you the opportunity to move your baby with you as it is easy to set up. By clicking the unit at four different points you can make it ready to use within a minute.

Its T-lock system adds safety and stability to the bassinet. In order to fold it click the button that releases the assembled bassinet and fold it into a small-sized unit that can be placed in a carrying bag.

Featuring the steel frame makes it strong and durable enough also the frame is tubular and has a locking mechanism.

The weight of this fold ‘n go is only 2.45 pounds and it only supports babies for a limited time. So when the baby reaches 3 months or weighs up to 15 pounds then it is time to transition the baby from this bassinet to a crib.


  • Suitable for flights
  • Durable and lockable frame
  • Budget friendly
  • Breathable fabric
  • Slim and stylish


  • Not suitable for babies above 3 months
  • Not recommended to place it on raised surfaces

Bottom line

Munchkin bassinet is easy to set up and best for parents who embark around the world. Its firm mattress provides a comfortable place to snuggle in. Its locking frame makes it a secure and safe unit. Moreover, skin-friendly material is used in its construction.

5. Lulyboo Bassinet – Cheap Travel Bassinet

bassinets in flight

Lightweight bassinets in flight offer convenience to carry the babies while traveling. Lulyboo is 3 pounds in weight and is known for the certified material used in its construction with high standards of safety.

Easily mistaken for a small backpack when folded and placed on shoulders, lulyboo is the best portable bassinet for flights. Its soft straps and lightweight make it comfortable when carried on shoulders.

With a sturdy base and cosy area with soft side cushions it allows the baby to rest in a safe environment.

Babies usually create mess no matter where you are. So often you need a place where you can change their diapers. So, here the lulyboo provides the best changing station to change a baby’s diapers.

The babies can enjoy and play in this bassinet as it can be transformed into a playpen. While enjoying outdoor adventures it’s removable canopy provides protection to infants from sharp rays of sunlight that may harm the delicate eyes of babies.

With the two plush toys attached to the strings of the canopy, babies can get the stimulation that plays a role in the development of their senses. There are three positions where you can adjust the canopy so fix the canopy to any position.


  • Removable and washable coverlet
  • Canopy and toys
  • Folds into backpack
  • Affordable
  • Safe and comfortable to babies


  • Suitable to place only on hard surfaces
  • Can be used for only a few months

Bottom line

We have a budget pick bassinet named Lulyboo bassinet that is squishy and can be converted into a backpack. It provides convenience to parents for traveling as it can be transformed into a backpack that is easy to move. For sleeping, it provides enough space where babies can rest.

6. Ingenuity Foldaway – Baby Portable Travel Bed

travel cot bassinet

Considering parenthood as the main focus, this baby bassinet is designed to provide ease to parents in every aspect. Its large size provides enough space to move freely in the bassinet and it comes with a large-sized mattress that is soft and comfortable for babies.

The sides of its mesh are airy and provide a full ventilated area and save the baby from suffocation. This is a great feature that assures that babies rest on a safe sleeping surface.

Now to carry the baby anywhere it can be folded into a small size so storing the bassinet is not an issue. Having an easy setup this travel cot bassinet is ideal for traveling.

The gender-neutral colors of this bassinet make it fit for both girls and boys also this unisex bassinet is a great style that adds beauty to the rooms.

Many babies like to sleep in an area that rocks so ingenuity foldaway rocking bassinet provides rocking movements that lull the baby to sleep. When not desired you can stop the rocking movements and make it a stationary unit.


  • Large area to provide comfortable sleep
  • Best for travel
  • Rocking and stationary bassinet
  • Mesh walls that make it airy
  • Easy to assemble


  • Mattress sheets are hard to find

Bottom line

A sturdy bassinet that has both rocking and stationary modes is ideal to provide soothing and comfortable areas to babies. For parents who travel frequently this portable bassinet folds and turns into a small size. Moreover, it offers many convenient features for parents.

7. SwaddleMe Side Sleeper – Infant Movable Travel Bassinet

travel bassinet

Our budget pick is a great portable bassinet for travel that makes traveling easier while at the same time it is a co-sleeper with all safety features included.

Due to its high sidewalls, you can place this bassinet in the bed and it provides a comfortable place for babies resting in their own place.

For parents who prefer co-sleeping then this side sleeper bassinet provides safe co-sleeping. But parents should follow safety guidelines while placing the bassinet on their bed.

The sturdy frame of the bassinet is made of metal and it securely separates the baby’s sleeping area from the parents. So you can feed and monitor the baby throughout the night.

The side walls are thinner in the middle and the purpose of this style is to make the bond of parents with their little chick stronger.

Also through this compressible sidewall, you can reach the baby easily and soothe him. Once you lift off your arm the compressible sides return back to their original position.

The bassinet and its mattress are foldable and when needed you can fold them easily. Furthermore, the sheet and mattress are removable and machine washable.

Its deluxe version has many exciting features that lull the babies. Soothing nightlights, vibrations, and sounds are the entertaining features that aid to calm the fussy babies.

It only accommodates babies up to three months of age. For mothers who are recovering from childbirth, the SwaddleMe side sleeper is an ideal choice for those in the early duration of recovery.


  • Side sleeper and travel bassinet
  • Folds flat
  • Well ventilated
  • Best budget pick
  • Lightweight


  • Suitable for babies upto 3 months only

Bottom line

It is a great choice for parents who prefer co-sleeping and for moms suffering from pain after childbirth because it provides ease to moms to nurse the babies. Within a second you can fold this unit and carry it anywhere.

List of FAQs for Best Travel Bassinet

Yes, a baby can sleep comfortably in a travel bassinet. A travel bassinet is a type of bassinet which is portable and provides ease to travel with babies.

Like the standard bassinets, they also can be used as a bedside unit where babies can sleep next to their parents but they are more versatile and lightweight that offer convenience to parents while traveling.

Travel bassinets can be carried in planes. So if you are planning for an outstation trip consider the size and other features of the bassinet.

As there are many models of travel bassinets that come in various sizes. For flights lightweight and compact folded bassinets are usually chosen. But on top of all, consider the aircraft guidelines for bassinets.

Yes, a travel bassinet can be used as a standard bassinet. It has all the features of a traditional bassinet so babies can sleep and play in these units comfortably. The bonus feature of the portable travel units is that they provide ease to travel with the babies.


This article is all about the Best travel bassinets that make traveling easier with babies and also provide a safe and comfortable sleep to babies both indoors and outdoors.

From our list you can get the bassinet that fulfills your demands. But if you are still confused then have a look at our best-recommended bassinets and get your favorite bassinet.

Our pick: Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet

Mush have: Chicco LullaGo Anywhere Portable Bassinet, Portable Travel Crib  

Pick for flights: Munchkin Bassinest, Lulyboo Bassinet

Budget pick: SwaddleMe Side Sleeper

Also great: Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet

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