Do you know 93% of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) cases are related to bed-sharing! Knowing that fact, do not make your little bundle of joy into a bundle of stress. Best bassinet side sleeper can save your little one from this kind of unexpected hazardous event by just keeping him close to you in the same room but without bed-sharing.

Is it possible? You can make it possible by putting your baby in the bedside bassinets as they are designed to meet the guidelines about the safe sleep of babies highlighted by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Best Side sleeper bassinets provide an alternative to co-sleeping. They are placed next to the parent’s bed and can be attached to the bed.

Mothers find the bassinets beside the bed a convenient option, and Baby Side Sleeper Bassinet has aced to provide comfort to mothers and babies.

Our Top Pick

Baby Side sleeper Bassinet

  • Nine Adjustable Heights
  • Mesh Panels
  • 5 multiple sounds
Ronbei tallest bedside bassinet

Once you have placed your baby inside sleepers, it is enough to reassure anxious parents that their baby is sleeping next to them in a safe environment.

This multipurpose bassinet has a retractable side that lets the baby grab when using it as a side sleeper. Furthermore, this portable unit allows moms to keep their babies with them. Apart from these features, this best pick model has many other features addressed in the next section.

Best Side Sleeper Bassinet

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List of 10 Best Bedside Sleeper Bassinet for Infants

This list has included top-rated brands, and the products included in this are certified and verified by regulatory authorities. These products are included here because they have all features that a best side sleeper bassinet must-have. Portability, safety, comfort to baby, ease to use, and many more factors are included in these products. 

Users guide additionally helps you to choose a product according to your requirements. 

1. Baby Side sleeper – Best Bedside Bassinet

Ronbei tallest bedside bassinet

RONBEI baby bassinet and bedside sleeper is a bassinet as well as a side sleeper. During night mothers can attach it to the bed by retracting its sidewall while unfolding its sidewall can transform it into a bassinet during any time of day. 

Indeed it is the best side sleeper as it has nine adjustable heights. You can adjust its length according to your bed or any sitting place to make your baby at your vision line. 

These double meshes are airy for their mesh panels and ensure that their baby is placed in a well-ventilated place and is safe from suffocation. 

The baby’s safety is guaranteed in this side sleeper as its material is sturdy, durable, and stable. Its classy appearance has no match.

Moreover, this model is convenient in every aspect, either about portability, cleaning, or assembly. 

In short, it has all features that soothe a baby. A music box can entertain your little gem with five different sounds, two toys, and a mobile. 


  • Stable and durable
  • Two in one: bassinet as well as side sleeper
  • Adjustable height
  • Provide safety
  • Music Box


  • Its mattress is lacking to provide comfort
  • There is a need to improve foldable side panel

Bottom line:

This Best Bedside Bassinet and providing a safe environment to the baby also care for the moms who have strained back as it provides 9 adjustable heights that make the bedside sleeper at the level of their bed and prevent the mothers from frequently bending to nurse the baby. This multipurpose two in one bassinet and side sleeper’s foldable side panel make it a demanding model.

2. TCBunny 2-in-1 Baby Bassinet – Best for Bedside Sleeper

baby bassinet that connects to bed

TC Bunney 2-in-1 baby bassinet that connects to the bed is the best model used as a portable bassinet and bedside bassinet. 

By dropping its side down, you can attach it to your bed with strong straps so that parents’ and children’s interaction remain strong even at night. Its legs retract while moving it close to the bed. 

In addition to adjusting its height up to 5 desired levels, it is slightly tilted, and that’s why it is best for preventing an infant’s reflux. This lightweight bassinet has a carry bag with ease to move it along while traveling. 

Two side mesh is breathable and provides maximum airflow, and allows the parents to see their babies clearly through it. A mosquito net is present in this unit to save babies from mosquito bites.


  • Attaches to bed easily
  • Suitable for 6 months old babies
  • Storage pocket
  • Lightweight


  • Lack rocking motion features
  • Could be more soothing

Bottom line:

It provides a safe and comfortable sleep for babies and parents. Mothers can place their babies close to them while sleeping, and its mesh ensures mothers that there is no risk of SIDS while the baby is sleeping in his separate and breezy bassinet.
It requires no effort to assemble this unit, and it is light in weight that makes it a perfect movable bassinet. It is designed at a tilted angle that makes it good for babies who reflux easily and frequently spit milk.

3. 4moms MamaRoo – Baby Bedside Sleeper

4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet, Bluetooth Baby Bassinets and Furniture with 5 Unique Motions, 4 Built-in White Noise Options

Two most pronounced features of this most affordable side sleeper bassinet that have made it a top-notch product are its 6 levels adjustable height and its airy mesh. The former feature enables the mother to look at the baby by adjusting the bassinet’s height at her comfort level.

Simultaneously, the latter is sufficient to assure the mother that her baby is sleeping in a ventilated and air environment. It is light enough (i.e., 18 pounds in weight) to be easily carried from one room to another, and even its portability allows you to take it outdoors. 

To attach this side sleeper to the bed, you can unzip its side panel. In this way, you can assure the safety of your baby and easily access your little one. So in a few seconds, you can make it a standalone bassinet or attach it with your bed as a side sleeper bassinet, and straps provided with this unit make its attachment to the bed more secure.

Babies weighing up to 20 pounds or those up to 5 months of age can easily fit this bassinet. This most trending bedside bassinet has a fiber-filled mattress and a fully fitted waterproof sheet. 


  • Feet slide under bed while using its side sleeper mode
  • Lightweight and easy to transport as a freestanding bassinet
  • Ventilated side mesh
  • Assembles in seconds without tools


  • Not suitable for high beds
  • Hard mattress

Bottom line:

This baby bedside sleeper is a game-changer for those who want to place their babies next to them but in a separate place. From its foldable mesh wall, the baby can get sufficient airflow. Parents can take it while going for vacations as it is lightweight and easy to assemble without any tools required.

4. Evolur Stellar Bassinet – Safe Sleepers

bassinet beside bed

After a hectic day, mothers feel pleasant to see their infants resting in a convenient and secure place.

You can get the security of your baby in this ASTM approved product. With strong straps, you can attach it to your bed by dropping down its one side mesh, and hence you can reach your baby without any hindrance. 

Besides providing zipping and unzipping side panels for ease of use, its mesh also allows enough air to circulate in the bassinet.

With providing safety for your newborn infant, this modern design bassinet beside the bed and baby sleeper is the perfect model that significantly adds glory to your room. Its soft tones and sturdy stand that allow you to adjust it up to 5 heights (13″ – 17.3″) make it an eye-catching model. 

This lightweight model weighs about 21.30 pounds and can accommodate a baby up to 25 pounds or six months of age. As a lightweight bassinet, it is portable and has two wheels that help to move it anywhere.


  • 5 adjustable heights
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Sturdy and modern design
  • Perfect for both genders


  • Can’t carry high weight babies

Bottom line:

It is worth recommending a lightweight and portable bassinet. It makes certain that your baby is sleeping in maximum closeness with you without breaching any safety guidelines. One more main spec of this unit is that it has included all security standards that a bassinet and side sleeper should have.

5. The Bed City Sleeper – Bedside Sleeper for Newborn

baby bassinet next to bed

Simmon’s kids have made this baby bassinet next to the bed by focusing on all points that a mother who has C-section wants to have in a bassinet. I recommend reading: Best Bassinet for C Section to get an in-depth comparison between the models.

This model’s innovative style has wheels that allow its slim base to slide under any surface to attach it to your bed closely.

There are 5 levels of length adjustments in this unit in its Z shaped frame with wheels that make it a mobile unit. Here one more feature is included, i.e., it has lockable wheels to avoid slipping and maintaining its safety of bassinet and protecting your floors from any scratches.

Mesh panels allow greater ventilation and have a large pocket to place many little essentials of your loved one.

Your baby can get more comfortable in this side sleeper bassinet because of its 1-inch mattress with a machine washable cover sheet. Babies weighing up to 15 pounds can easily and safely rest in this breezy bassinet.


  • Slim base that tucks under any surface
  • Lockable wheels
  • Adjustable height
  • Have large pouch to store baby’s essentials


  • Pricey
  • Lesser studier

Bottom line:

If you are looking for the best bedside sleeper for newborns that gives safe and soothing sleep to your baby, then it is the right choice. Its Z-shaped design frame with wheels makes it a convenient portable unit for outdoor features with features of adjustable heights.

6. Lotus Bassinet – Baby Bedside Cribs

best bedside bassinet

This super lightweight best bedside crib has a sturdy stand. Parents interested in traveling can find it a suitable unit due to many features, e.g., its weight is just 16.75 pounds, and it can be folded easily. Moreover, you can pack this item in a carry bag provided with it to take it along with you. 

While moving it outdoors, you can cover the baby with a bassinet canopy for safety purposes. The canopy helps a lot to save the little born baby from the bites of insects or mosquitoes. 

Adjust the bassinet’s length to a suitable level to have a look at your baby placed at your level. Easily place this side sleeper with your bed, and without putting any strain on your back, lean over your baby to satisfy his needs.

A storage basket is available to provide sufficient space for mothers to place the baby’s essentials in it. Its mesh is breezy enough and allows the mothers to see their babies placed in the bassinet.


  • Comes in different colors
  • Carry bag provide you ease to carry it along
  • Suitable for outdoors
  • Airy mesh


  • Require some efforts for its assembly

Bottom line:

Lotus Bassinet and bedside sleeper is an alternative option of bedsharing. It is highly eco friendly and ventilated enough for babies to save them from suffocation. Mothers find this side sleeper an easy option to reach their baby. It can be converted into a bed that adults can easily use.

7. Chicco Close to You – Baby Side Beds

Chicco Close to You

Chicco Close to You 3 in 1 bassinet is a multifunctional unit that serves as a freestanding bassinet, side sleeper bassinet, baby side bed, and co-sleeper bassinet

This bassinet is eco friendly as its fabric is soft and feels pleasant and comfortable for babies. Through its high-quality mesh, mothers can have an eye on their little ones, and it is a good component of this unit that allows enough exchange of gases to make the resting environment of the baby a ventilated spot.

Mothers can easily fit this bassinet beside their bed without leaving any gap as its feet are retractable, making it suitable for beds that lack space. It is a sturdy and stable bassinet made of aluminum alloy, and you can ensure more stability by its auto-lock feet.

Now coming towards its adjustability factor. 5 height adjustments that provide a good choice for parents to make its height suitable for your bed. Furthermore, its bedding is comfortable and cozy for babies. Its bonus point is that you can wash its mattress in the washing machine, and it is soft and pressure-resistant that adds comfort to infants. 


  • 3 modes
  • Retractable feet
  • Eco friendly
  • Comfortable mattress


  • Rocking movements are not present
  • Not suitable for high beds

Bottom line:

This versatile bassinet is portable and includes the options to attach it with the bed by varying its height to 5 different levels. In short, it provides comfort and sound sleep to the baby and enables the mothers to look at the baby who is resting in an airy spot.

8. Unilove Side sleeper bassinet – Newborn Bedside Sleeper

Unilove Hug Me

This highly stable bassinet has telescoping feet and stability locks that enhance its overall security for babies. The main perk of this unit is that it is stable as well as mobile. Freedom of mobility is provided by its 360° rotating wheels that are located at its front feet. 

As a standalone bassinet, you can keep it near you while moving it anywhere in your home. You can also use it as a portable crib as it has wheels that make it easy for you to move it from one place to another.

Mothers can easily adjust it to 7 different levels to make it the best bedside bassinet with strong straps that secure this side sleeper with the mother’s bed. An average of 6 months of a baby can be placed in this airy bassinet with a firm mattress.

This newborn bedside sleeper makes moms less concerned about their babies as they move this bassinet to anywhere and observe the baby by keeping him close to them.


  • Stable and safe
  • Versatile for many uses
  • Can hold babies up to 33 pounds


  • Mattress is not waterproof
  • Pricey

Bottom line:

Unilove bassinet has a large mesh that provides a ventilation rich place for babies. It is highly recommended for its stability and classy look. Mother’s can hook it with their beds by setting its height up to their bed level. 

9. Portable Infant Sleeper – Small Co Sleepers

best portable side sleeper

Snuggles Nest is a bassinet placed on the bed and has two tall mesh walls that make it a separate sleeping place. It is a safe choice for those parents who prefer bedsharing for their neonates. 

In addition to separating sleeping zones, these bassinets’ mesh sides are soft and comfortable, regulating airflow to avoid suffocation.

You can put this nest on the floor with enough surety that your baby will stay in it, and its tall walls that are 8″ in length will secure your baby from the risk of falling while rolling. Its length is sufficient to accommodate large babies, and you can fit this bassinet in your beds easily. 

Moreover, you can carry this portable bassinet with you by folding it easily, and it provides storage space to keep many baby essentials in it. You can get a dream, harmony, and organic models for this bassinet.

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  • Affordable
  • Safe option for bed sharing
  • Breezy mesh


  • Stand is not present to make it as bedside sleeper
  • Babies above 5 months are not suitable for this

Bottom line:

This portable nest bassinet and small co sleeper are easy to place on beds, and mothers can nurse their babies next to them in their own comfort place. It is easy to fold and carries a lot of baby items in it while traveling. Its mattress, sheets, and organic sheets make it an eco-friendly unit.

10. Graco 4 in 1 bassinet – Best Infant Sleeper

best bedside bassinet

This versatile unit is suitable for babies as they grow gradually. When a baby wants the best bedside bassinet, it is the perfect unit as a mother can keep their babies, placed inside the unit, close to them. 

Without making any baby transition from bassinet to crib, this unit can be used as a crib for infants that support them in a comfortable place. When going out, moms can carry this portable bassinet with them as it becomes a compact unit after folding that makes it easy to carry. It has in-built wheels for easy maneuvering.

For toddlers, it provides enough space to play and creep along. Hanging toys with a canopy provides a relaxing and comfortable environment for infants. Canopy prevents any light from entering the baby’s zone.


  • Suitable for neonates, infants and toddlers
  • Provide clear view of baby
  • Quick transition to its 4 modes


  • Expensive

Bottom line:

Graco 4 in 1 bassinet is ideal for mothers who do not want to transition from a bassinet into their babies’ crib. A bit expensive, but a must-have bassinet is easy to move and provides easy assembly. It gives a comfortable and soothing environment for the baby to have a sound sleep. 

Types of Best Baby Sleeper Bassinet

The main two types of bedside sleepers are divided based on their mode of use.

Bedside Bassinet: It is mainly a bassinet that can be placed next to the bed, but it does not offer its attachment with the bed.

Bedside Sleeper: This is a side sleeper bassinet that you can attach with your bed with straps. 

Best Bedside Sleeper Bassinet Buying Guide

Every baby is unique in its characteristics and has different demands. Their parents authorize many needs of newly born babies for their benefits, and one of them is to place the little angel in a separate place. 

It has become the need of an hour to find the best side sleeper bassinet for babies to save the baby from SIDS and other harms linked with bed-sharing. 

In this buying guide, you can get an idea to select the appropriate side sleeper bassinet for your baby that is comfortable for babies and convenient for mothers. 

side sleeper buying guide infographic


The safety of the baby is the first consideration of every parent. A bedside sleeper should be safe enough to prevent the baby from any machine as well as biological harm.

Ease to Approach the Baby:

A side sleeper with drop down panel or a side mesh that can be folded to attach with the bed is considered a unit as it allows the mothers who had undergone C-section to easily access the little born infants without moving out from the bed. 


The main purpose of having a bedside bassinet is to ensure proper airflow and avoid breathlessness in neonates. So a breezy bassinet with large mesh side panels can maintain the good air circulation in the unit.


Bed frames, sofas, and chairs of the home are fixed at different heights. Best bedside bassinets have different adjustable heights that make them reach the bed level of parents. 

So it is better to choose a bassinet that allows you to adjust its height at the level where you can have an eye on your baby easily. 

Space in Your Room:

Measure your room’s dimensions before buying the best side sleeper bassinet, and then select a model that fits very well in your room according to your available space.

Different sizes and shapes of bassinets are present, so you can easily get the one that is perfect for your room. 


Bassinets with a depth of 250 mm and not less than this are suitable to prevent the baby from falling out of it. Considering this point, focus on bedside sleepers that have enough depth to ensure safety from falling. 

Storage Pockets:

If you are scared of losing your baby’s essentials and want to place them in a place where you can easily get them, you can do so by selecting a side sleeper bassinet with large storage pockets. 

Some models offer trays and additional poch that provide ample space to store baby’s products.

Multifunctional Bassinets:

You can get a combo of two, three, and even four versatile features in a single bassinet. 

Many brands have introduced bassinets that can be used as a side sleeper, a standalone bassinet, a crib for toddlers, and a portable bassinet. So, select the one that matches your budget. 


Lightweight bassinets are easy to move from one place to another. For traveling in cars or even in planes, consider a bassinet that, when folds, turned into a compact unit that requires less space. 

Wheels and Brakes:

A mobile bassinet with lockable wheels and does not slip on floors is suitable for outdoors and indoors moving.  Brakes and castor wheels prevent the risk of falling and maintain stability and mobility. 


A beside the bed, baby sleeper legs should be retractable or foldable so that you can easily attach them to your bed without any gap between the side sleeper and your bed. Legs that have locked in them are easy to set up and maintain safely. 

Ease to Assemble:

It is a common thought that setting the bassinet or transforming it into other modes require greater time and energy. You can make it a hassle-free task by selecting a model that sets up in a few seconds and gives you easy to assemble it. 

Capacity to Hold Weight:

What if you get a bassinet side sleeper that could not support the weight of your baby? Surely, you would regret it. 

So it is advised to see the weight and age recommendations of the unit before buying it. It is wise to select a bassinet that can support maximum weight and can be turned into a crib for infants up to 1 year.

Wide Base and Spacious:

Wide base bassinets are considered more stable than others. A spacious bassinet allows the baby to play freely without any obstruction and enables them to get in and out their babies easily.

Materials and Construction:

High-quality materials and well-constructed bassinets offer long time guarantee. So please pay attention to its material while buying to get a sturdy and durable bassinet.


Consider a side sleeper with a firm and comfortable mattress and avoid soft bedding as the baby may sink in them.

A tightly fitted mattress does not leave any gaps between it and the sides of the bassinet. Moreover, it should be removable and easy to clean. 

Apart from the mattress, its sheet should also be soft and gentle to the baby and allow you to wash it in machines. Polyester and organic materials are highly recommended.

Movements to Soothe the Baby:

A bedside sleeper with rocking movements to soothe the baby is highly demanding as they calm the baby, usually with a slight push of mothers who rock the bassinet. 

Many infants feel comfortable when they are provided the slight gentle glides and movements, so pick the baby’s model with rocking movements.

Toys and Entertainment Features:

Plush toys, mirrors, rings, and sounds are entertaining items that some brands provide with bassinets beside beds; they entertain the baby and leave a soothing effect on the baby.

FAQs for Bedside Sleepers for Infants

A side sleeper bassinet meeting all safety guidelines issued by the American Academy of Paediatrics is safe for babies.

There are further concerns about placing the baby in bedside sleepers regarding its lack of a wall that separates this unit from the parent’s bed. But if it is placed at an optimal distance next to the bed and there is no risk of suffocation, then it is a safer choice to place your baby in it.

There is not any hard and fast rule to make one unit superior over another.

The main thing is whichever unit you have chosen if it satisfies your demands and is safe and comfortable for babies, that will be your perfect unit.

Lastly, many models of bassinet side sleepers can be used as co-sleepers as well, so based on different modes that are present in a model, you can consider that unit superior to others.

Place a firm mattress, ensure proper airflow, provide rocking movements, and cover it with a canopy or mosquito net to make it more soothing and comfortable for babies.


This article has made it convenient for you to choose the best side sleeper bassinet for your time. 

In our list of 10 top-rated side sleepers, we have covered all features of these best side sleepers, and also we have highlighted some pros and cons of them to make it easy for you to select a perfect unit for your baby. 

You can get the most versatile bassinet side sleepers like Baby side sleeper Bassinet, TCBunny 2 in 1, and Baby Delight inside me

If you want a very lightweight model, we’d recommend you to have a look at Lotus Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper.

Graco gives versatile Graco 4 in 1 Bassinet and Simmons kids’ The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet are also worth having units.

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